Wall Street

When you find a new shooting location and it influences your entire project…

Blazer : H&M | Scarf : Zadig & Voltaire | Dress : H&M | Handbag : Night&Day bag by De Marquet | Overknee Boots : Primark |Sunglasses : H&M | Earrings : H&M


I am always scouting out placed in and around Bern to go shoot outfit photos at and when I found this wall, I knew it would make for a great background. I love the big city feel it gives the pictures, even though it is still good old Bern.

I was obviously slightly freezing while shooting these pictures, but sometimes, you gotta suffer for your art…or so…I do love this look though. The big blazer mixed with the short dress and over-knee boots is one of my favorite looks at the moment and the boots do compensate for the missing length of the skirt in the warmth department – at least a little bit…

The scarf was one of the best blogger gifts I’ve actually ever received. I got it from Zadig & Voltaire at their shop opening in Zürich a while back and the reason I was so impressed with it, besides the fact that I think it’s a really cool piece, is because they literally only put the scarf into the goodie bag, nothing else. No annoying brochure or other paper that you’ll throw out the first chance you get, but only this scarf. I was honestly so impressed with this understated and yet bold statement that it stayed in my mind as a truly positive experience and a great goodie bag. Sometimes, less IS more.

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