Valentine’s Day

Pink & Red – the perfect Valentine’s Day look!

Coat : Primark | Dress : Thrifted | Boots : Primark | Necklace : Tally Weijl | Handbag : Vintage Chanel

When I was putting together the blog schedule for 2017, it was obvious that I had to make a post for Valentine’s Day, because it’s just such a blogger thing to do – isn’t it? Valentine’s Day has become one of these “holidays” where you simply have to do something on your social media channel or you’ll feel like the odd one out.
So I got to work and put together this outfit, which I actually love. In my opinion, it’s the perfect mix between affordable pieces and luxury, which is something I think I really stand for. I adore thrift shopping and the high street stores, which are at the core of my wardrobe and allow me to play with trends and fads. But in order to elevate my looks and give them a little special je-ne-sais-quoi, I like to add luxury pieces, such as this wonderful vintage Chanel bag.
So with this I am wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day, whether you are having a Galentine’s Day or simply enjoying a normal Tuesday, may it be a lovely one. 😉

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