When winter is approaching, you need to find stylish, yet cozy accessories…and that’s exactly what I did!

TriangleAffair Shawl in Rose Quartz : De Marquet | Jacket : Thrifted | Pants : Only | Shoes : Thrifted | Bracelets : De Marquet | Earrings : H&M | Handbag : Thrifted | Glasses : Boutique

While on vacation in the South of France, I went to a thrift market, where all sorts of people sold all sorts of things. From old toys, pieces of furniture and clothing to weird paintings, arm-less dolls and old sinks – there was quite a selection indeed. Whether everything found a home in the end, I’m not sure, but I certainly was happy with my picks of the day.
Not only did I find this lovely tartan jacket within the first 10 minutes of strolling around the market, I also discovered this fabulous pair of shoes and a bag that matches them perfectly – at a separate stand nonetheless.
I – or rather my mom – even found a beautiful ornate gold mirror that will be hung in the entrée of my new apartment. It will match my chandelier perfectly, which I also found while thrifting a few months ago in Bern. You can really say that thrifting is my thing, which I have most definitely inherited from my mom.
My mom certainly has “the eye”. There is nothing on a thrift market that is of value that she won’t find. She resembles a hawk that is on the hunt for its prey when she walks along the stands and nothing worth finding stands a chance – a gift I have somewhat inherited and that I am very grateful and proud of. I have to say that I love thrift shopping and I’m always so happy when I find a great bargain. Someone might not want something anymore, but it could very well end up being a little treasure for you – just like this jacket, shoes and bag were for me.
As we are currently in October and fall has definitely found its way to the Provence as well, I had to make sure to stay warm and what better way than by wrapping myself up in the most cozy cashmere shawl by De Marquet? I’m so in love with the TriangleAffair cashmere shawl in the color Rose Quartz. This pastel color isn’t just the Pantone color of the year, it also gives your fall-winter looks a soft and delicate touch, which I am obsessed with!

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