Olive Grove

Let’s take a stroll around a very special olive grove together…

Sunglasses : H&M | Dress : Boutique in the Provence | Basket Bag : Market Find | Bracelets : De Marquet | Shoes : Dosenbach


Strolling through an olive grove isn’t something I tend to do every day, but this one is special – very special even – as it is my dad’s. He has been cultivating and producing olive oil for quite a few years now and this is the exact location our very own oil “La Pose” comes from. It’s a beautiful grove located in the french Provence and its trees are about a hundred years old.

Nothing trumps going there to check in on the development of this very special fruit and seeing how nature develops and evolves.

I actually had the chance to see a cicada and managed to get quite a good shot of her, which you can see above. What extraordinary creatures!

If you’re curious as to how this olive oil of ours tastes, you can actually order a bottle from my dad’s website www.lapose.ch – it’s definitely worth it!



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