Milano Fashion Week – The Journey

When you are traveling to Milano Fashion Week, your travel look should be two things: comfy and stylish…

Shawl : TriangleAffair by De Marquet | “La Classe” Tshirt : De Marquet | Jeans : H&M | Bag : Night&Day Midi by De Marquet | White Sneakers : Dosenbach


I had the absolute pleasure to travel to Milano with De Marquet in September to attend Milano Fashion Week. We spent six days in this incredible city and it was a real experience to be staying and working there during this most special time of the year. I have never seen as many bold outfits, crazy events and outrageous looks as I did during this week. I have to say that even just walking through the streets was – in some places – a real happening.

Packing for a trip has never been as hard as for this one. What do you pack for fashion week? I had absolutely no idea, but I tried to put together a few looks that would be Fashion Week worthy – at least I hoped they were. Some of them will be coming to this blog soon, so stay tuned.

This – for now – was only my travel outfit. A casual and comfortable look to be able to carry our heavy suitcases through the train station and up all the stairs we encountered throughout our journey. I actually love my new “La Classe” Tshirt by De Marquet. Statement shirts have – obviously – been huge the last two years and I’m so excited that we at De Marquet finally have our own. There is a white one with a more feminine cut and style and a black one with a more masculine writing and cut. I actually love them both and will be getting the black one asap as well, because I really love its look!

My favorite accessory for trips – and basically for every day – is my cashmere shawl, which obviously also comes from De Marquet. It’s just super fluffy and cozy, which is just what I need when I sit in a chilly train.

And, in order to finish off this (nearly) full De Marquet look, I obviously had my Night&Day bag with me as well – with a bunch of other covers, with which I adapted my bag to every outfit I wore, of course. This truly is the best travel buddy you could imagine!

What is your favorite travel accessory?



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