#LustList – Summer Picnic

Let’s have a picnic!

Music Box : Ultimate Ears – WONDERBOOM Cashmere | Picnic Blanket : H&M | Picnic Basket : Amazon (also liking this one by Interio CH) | Cooling Box : H&M | Grey Cushion with Tassels : H&M | Pink Cushion with Tassels : H&M | Parasol : Migros | Portable Grill : IKEA


I’ve been obsessed with all the beautiful picnic pictures I see on social media, every time summer rolls around and I’ve wanted to arrange one for the longest time. This is why I thought I would create a #LustList post to show you a few of the things I could envision having at my own little picnic. I am especially obsessed with this picnic blanket by H&M Home and their cool box that both have the and the most lovely print.

I also love these UltimateEars WONDERBOOM boxes, which I actually already own. They are water and shock resistant, which is incredibly handy. I even took them to a boat-trip on the Aare – a river that flows through Bern – last week and I didn’t even have to worry that they’ll get wet! Their sound is amazing and I love using them to play my favorite Summer hits!

We’ll see if I will manage to arrange a cute little picnic somewhen this summer, but if I do, I’ll make sure to keep you posted…



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