Little Red Riding Hood

A little red dress, a basket full of market goodies – I have officially turned into the little red riding hood…

Sunglasses : Vero Moda | Dress : H&M (Other colors here) | Bracelet : HoldTight by De Marquet | Basket Bag : SummerEscape by De Marquet | Shoes : De Marquet (not available online yet)

What’s better than to stroll through a market on a sunny day in the south of France? Exactly, not much! I recently had the chance to go on vacation in a beautiful little village and I got to enjoy every day as it came. I was actually really lucky to have my wonderful photographer with me – aka my dad – that was willing to help me take a few shots here and there, which I was absolutely thrilled about. There are a lot of great posts coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for them!
As some of you might know, I am a product manager for the Swiss brand De Marquet in “real life” and hence, I love rocking our different accessories on the daily, as you might have noticed already. I was so excited when we received these cute flower basket bags a few weeks ago and this black one didn’t leave my side during the entire holiday, because it was just so handy.
They actually exist in five different colors – which you can find here – and I had a really hard time picking the one that would be my travel buddy. In the end I went for black, because that just goes with everything, but I have been eyeing the other colors for a while too, so one or two might have to join my closet soon…



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