Fall into Fall

I’m not sure what I’m more obsessed with, the outfit or the location…

Black Leather Jacket : Anouk | Lace Body : Noémie & Co | Pleather Skirt : MissKoo Paris | Over The Knee Boots : Primark | Bag : De Marquet | Bracelets : De Marquet | Sunglasses : H&M

I’ve been falling in love with fall lately. Trees have been turning all shades of wonderful and seeing the sun rise through the hick layer of fog in the morning is just magical. Although I am a big fan of summer and the warm temperatures that come along with it, dressing for fall is so much more fun.
Don’t get me wrong, throwing on a bikini and calling it a day is great, but as you generally can’t go to work in just a skimpy piece of fabric, summer outfits often tend to get on my nerves rather quickly. Having the possibility to layer different items of clothing and creating a put together look, somehow feels very satisfying. Going all out and playing with colors, layers and textures is what fall dressing is all about – how fun!
This outfit really represents my fall aesthetics: A mix of textures – from lace to leather – over the knee boots and a statement bag. I have been loving this lace body and pleather skirt I picked-up in the South of France and they might very well end up being two of my most worn pieces of this season. They are from small brands that don’t seem to currently have an online shop, but you can find similar pieces all over the high street.
I have also been loving over the knee boots – such as these Primark ones. They just put together an outfit so nicely – and they’re just somehow a bit sexy, don’t you think? 😉



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