Eye Care Cosmetics Lipsticks

Eye Care Cosmetics Lipstick Colors {left to right}
N°53 Rouge Vif
N°61 Griotte
N°649 Shiny Coffee
N°650 Shiny Gold
N°642 Rouge Transparent
N°651 Rose Baiser
N°640 Tourbillon rose



Lipsticks : Eye Care Cosmetics | Pink Pouch : De Marquet | Dress : Zara {similar one here}


While reading the title of this post, you might very well have thought that I have gone mad – once again. But you are wrong, I am actually presenting “Eye Care Cosmetics” lipsticks to you and I’m completely serious about it.
I came across these lipsticks while on vacation in the south of France and I have been enjoying them thoroughly. Their look and feel is absolutely stunning. The colors are beautiful and they actually feel amazing on my lips. They don’t stay put for hours, but they also don’t dry out your lips like some other lipsticks do.
As you can tell, I went a little crazy when I discovered that they were that great and so I got a few – or seven. I just couldn’t decide which colors to take. Some are glittery, some more matte. Some very neutral and some a vibrant color. How could I possibly have chosen?!

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