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Polka dots, pears and a net bag – all you need for a hot summer day…

Earrings : Vero Moda | Chiffon Top : H&M | Polkadot Pants : Clockhouse (last years’ collection, but also loving these) | Charm Bracelet : CharmIng by De Marquet | Bracelet : old one (similar one by De Marquet here) | Sunglasses : Aliexpress | Net Bag : Aliexpress | Pearl Slippers : Dosenbach (from a previous season, also loving these and these from the current collection)


I have caved to the trend and I’m not even sorry about it – kinda…

Yes, I did order one of these flimsy net bags that have been all over social media and I’m actually not that mad at it. As is very common for trend pieces like this one and others, this bag wasn’t really designed with the word “practicality” in mind. I have talked about this in my previous blog post featuring the dupe of the Cult Gaia bag already – trendy bags usually aren’t handy, but they are meant to fulfil a completely other task anyways: to look cool, which they admittedly do.

Nevertheless, the net bag won me over, so much so that I’ve actually ordered another one in black – and another one in pink, just because they are super cute. Thank goodness I found them on Aliexpress and they were ridiculously cheap. I think this might actually be part of the reason why this type of bag is creating such a hype at the moment. For once, a trend piece is not massively overpriced and you can get it without having to sweat while clicking “buy now”, which feels kinda great.

Another reason why this bag might be so popular at the moment, especially during the summer months, is because it inspires a sense of nostalgia. I personally envision the young Ursula Andress stepping out of the ocean and grabbing her net bag to leave the beach. Or I can see myself on the back of a Vespa, riding into a warm summer night with a good looking young man, while this bag hangs off the handle of the scooter. It somehow has an air of non-challence and romance attached to it. Or maybe I just have too much imagination…

All in all, it isn’t that handy as an actual handbag, but I do enjoy taking it with me to put in groceries or other stuff that I have to carry around with me – because, let’s face it, I’m a typical pack-rat-woman and on top of it, a typical “Instagram-made-me-buy-it” victim.

The location I shot this look in is the Schwellenmätteli Restaurant in Bern, by the way. It is a really cool place to go for drinks or dinner with an absolutely stunning view and I can only recommend going there if you are visiting Bern!








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