Discovering Zurich with the Visa LibertyCard

Sometimes, travelling within your own country is all you need…

You often look at destinations all around the world and dream of visiting places far away, but have you ever just thought of discovering your own country?
I have to admit that I am guilty of dreaming about beautiful locations around the globe and imagining what it would be like to actually travel there, but as you can’t take a week-long vacation that often in a year, I have started to wonder how I could feed my appetite for adventure and discovery, while only having a weekend to do so.
I am very aware of the fact that Switzerland offers a wide array of beautiful and very diverse locations – I mean from the Matterhorn to the Côte, we have a lot to offer – but I have to admit that there are many places I haven’t been to yet.
One of my objectives for the #ChloeGoesSummer project was to live a happier life and I strongly believe that doing and experiencing things has a strong positive impact on your mental wellbeing.  This is why I was so excited when the Visa LibertyCard invited me to actually go on a little weekend trip to Zurich with their credit card! I got to plan my entire day, and I am very excited to tell you all about it!
But first, let me tell you that yes, this is a sponsored post and this is why I am going to tell you a little bit about the Visa LibertyCard. I have to say that my experience with them was very positive and I am very happy that I was able to discover a bit more of Switzerland with their help.

So let me tell you a bit about the Visa LibertyCard and about what I experienced in Zurich that day…

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One of my best friends Delia is originally from Bern, but has been living in Zurich for a while now, so I thought – what better way to discover a city than with a friend who lives there?! – and so the adventure began.
I had been mentally preparing for this little trip for a while and I couldn’t wait to discover Zurich.
Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the first time I went to Zurich – I did go shopping there a few times in the past – but it was the first time I would just spend an entire day there. I wanted to pretend to be a local and just enjoy a normal weekend day there.
Delia had told me about a few activities she usually enjoys doing throughout the weekend and we decided to go for one of her typical Saturday activities.
All was planned and the only thing I was awaiting with nervous anticipation was the weather forecast. The week leading up to our weekend, I checked pretty much daily what the weather gods would bring and was very relieved when I woke up on Saturday morning and was greeted by bright rays of sunshine. Summer was here to stay – at least for a day!
I immediately started packing, as I couldn’t wait to head out. As always, I massively overpacked, but I – and a few of my friends – have actually learned to appreciate this little habit of mine, as I seem to always have everything at hand that anybody might potentially need.
It wouldn’t be the first time I lend my hand sanitiser, scarf or extra bikini to one of my girls…
Please don’t be scared, I am not displaying a real Visa LibertyCard on the pictures of this post. I was very kindly given a mock-card by the Visa Liberty team in order to be able to show you the card without any risk.
Delia and I decided to head to Zurich with the SBB – the Swiss railway company – which is actually one of Visa LibertyCard’s partners. Taking advantage of that fact and of the amazing public transport system available in Switzerland, we were in Zurich in an hour and were ready to start tackling the day!
After arriving at the Zurich train station, we decided to head over to Migros to get some snacks. As I was still on my detox diet, that meant a lot of grapes, nuts and water, which we were able to easily pay with the touch & pay function of our credit card.
I have very recently started using this function, where you can simply hold your credit card against the terminal if the amount you are paying is less than 50.- CHF. There is honestly no better invention than this! It makes paying so much faster and easier, but remains safe, due to the rather low limit that can be paid with this type of transaction.
So once we were all settled with enough snacks to last a couple of hours, we headed towards our first destination…
Delia had suggested that we should spend the afternoon at the Oberer Letten, where an electronic music event was taking place. The Oberer Letten is a little pier along the canal of the river Limmat, where people enjoy the sun and cool off in the water.
It was definitely “the place to be” that day as it was jam-packed!
We were very lucky and got a hold of the last little bit of space on the wooden pier, where there was literally no space between one towel and the next.
I have to say that it was one of the nicest afternoons I’ve had in a long time. We swam in the lake, tanned, got to meet interesting people and just generally had a blast. It felt like being on holiday somewhere in the south – in the middle of Zurich!
This has really shown me that discovering Switzerland is something I should do more often. I often assume that you have to go far away to get a vacation feeling, even though there are beautiful places just in front of your nose.
After the amazing afternoon we spent at the Oberer Letten, enjoying the sun and cool atmosphere, we wanted to visit another fun event that was happening that day – The Street Food Festival!
Nani & Nilu – two super cute and lovely friends of Delia – joined the fun and we went on the hunt for some delicious treats…
The diversity of food stands that were spread alongside the train tracks displayed a huge array of different foods from all around the world – one more appetising than the other. We had stocked up on the necessary cash – thanks to the Visa LibertyCard – and started wandering around the stands in order to decide which foods we wanted to taste.
As I was still on my detox diet, walking past the wonderful looking displays of mouth-watering foods that I was definitely not allowed to eat was a bit like torture and I was seriously starting to doubt that I would find anything I would actually be allowed to eat. I was saved by a vegan mushroom risotto, which did not only follow my diet, but also tasted delicious!
Once I discovered they also had vegan frozen yogurt, I was basically floating on clouds. I am aware that the sugar used in the fro-yo was not really part of the plan, but I just couldn’t resist and luckily, my stomach actually didn’t protest – I bet he thought I deserved that dessert too…
Overall, the atmosphere at the Street Food Festival was very peaceful and relaxed, which I highly enjoyed. The diversity of foods offered is stunning and I would highly enjoy trying some of the more exotic dishes I discovered while wandering around the spacious grounds. I have already made plans to go back, once I am no longer on my detox diet. Yummy food, i’m coming for you!
We ended the night by going to a 90’s flashback party, which was really rather hilarious.
As I was still on my detox diet and wasn’t allowed to drink any alcohol, Delia and I both decided to just have a fun tox-free night, which actually turned out to be a lot of fun. We danced the night away and had a blast. I knew way too many lyrics and sang along to all the songs that reminded me of my (very) early teens – who would have thought that would be the end of this amazing day…?!
It was such a lovely day and I wanted to share the atmosphere and surroundings with you, this is why I made a little video about my trip to Zurich with the Visa LibertyCard.
I hope you’ll enjoy it…
Many thanks to the Visa LibertyCard for inviting me to discover Switzerland and for making this wonderful day possible!
If you want to find out more about the Visa LibertyCard, make sure to click on this link here or follow this link to order your personal Visa LibertyCard now.

I hope you have a wonderful day dear!
*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post

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