Denim Lover

Denim Jumpsuit & Earrings : Market Finds | Sunglasses : Bought in Bali (also loving these) | Bag : De Marquet – Night&Day with Embroidered Denim Flap | Bracelets : De Marquet – HoldTight & KeepClose Bracelets | Sandals : Thaikila | Belt : Vintage
Nothing screams “Summer” more loudly than a colorful outfit!
There are so many ways to put that pop of color into your look – a red dress, a bold mix of colors or an interesting accessory, such as this fabulous De Marquet Night&Day bag!
I am especially in love with this accessory, because of its versatility. Thanks to its interchangeable flaps, you can adapt it to every outfit within seconds! Two simple clicks and you can swap out the flap for whichever one you fancy today. If you want to see how that works, make sure to check out the video under this link.
I have literally started a small flap-collection, because adding new flaps to your repertoire is so addictive!
As I have mentioned in a few posts before, I actually work for De Marquet as a product & social media manager, hence, I’m literally at the source when it comes to new flaps and believe me, it’s hard to resist getting all of them…
The Thaikila pompom sandals are the perfect match for my Night&Day embroidered denim flap and I love how these colorful accessories elevate this simple denim jumpsuit!



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