Coffee & Stripes

A coffee, stripes and this view – what else do you need?!

Sunglasses : Aliexpress | Dress : Mango (last years’ collection. Loving this one by asos) | Belt : Mango (currently not available, but this one from Aliexpress is great too) | Handbag : Night&Day by De Marquet | Shoes : Dosenbach


Have you ever had a coffee with such a view? There really aren’t many places in Bern, Switzerland, where you can have a drink or a meal and see such a beautiful scenery, as at the Schwellenmätteli Restaurant. The terrace is located on the Aare river and you can see the river bend and the old part of the city, which is absolutely stunning.

I have very fond memories of this place: From celebrating my 20th birthday there ten years ago (omg!!!), to a very funny company Christmas party, a lovely anniversary dinner or even a night spent dancing salsa on the deck of the terrace, only good times have so far resulted in visiting the Schwellenmätteli Restaurant and I can only recommend you going there if you are ever in Bern.

The only thing I cannot recommend is trying to shoot pictures for your blog there during a windy day. You might not see this now, but it was a lot of hard work to try and align the sun, the wind, my hair and my facial expression all at once. No one ever wants to admit it, but you should have seen my camera roll for this one – hilarious!

Let’s talk about the outfit for a second. I have been attracted to more modern and edgy looks lately and this outfit is actually one of my current favorites. I love the fact that sneakers are worn to anything and everything again – what a throwback to my years in high school when skirts and chunky adidas sneakers were THE thing – and I have to say that my feet are thanking the fashion gods from the bottom of their heart. Nothing is better than being allowed to wear flat, comfortable sneakers to any look! #LetTheToesLive!

I’m also super into those double buckle belts, which – I know – were a huge thing last year and are now starting to say bye bye, but please let me keep them for a little longer, they just make every boring outfit look so much better! And lastly, I have worn this Night&Day bag with its studded cover SO MUCH! Out of all my covers, this is definitely the one I’ve worn most and I’ve already thought of getting the same again, just in case this one ever needs to be retired because of over-use.

I have, however, found myself using my light pink base and my other, more summery covers more lately. Nevertheless, this is probably my all-time-favorite combination.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, make sure to head over to to see the Night&Day bag with its interchangeable covers. (Yes, I work for them, just FYI, but they’re really great either way…)





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