#ChloéGoesSummer was initially planned to be a simple fitness challenge, where I would eat better and train more to get fit.
But as life sometimes goes, many things have recently changed and so #ChloeGoesSummer has just become so much more than a simple fitness challenge.
It is now a 360° project that will not only focus on my body’s health, but also on my mind’s and heart’s.
You might wonder what caused this change. Well, this is – as a matter of fact – a very personal story, of which I won’t share too many details.
All you need to know is that many things in my personal life have changed quiet drastically within the past two weeks and as a consequence, so will I.
So here goes #ChloeGoesSummer – a project to become Chloé 2.0 – a healthier & happier version of myself!
This project has many goals – Fitness, Independence & Happiness – of which not all are quantifiable and measurable.
Independence & Happiness, for instance, are part of your state of mind and an improvement is hard to capture.
Improvements in Fitness, however, can be seen and measured. Achieving an increased level of Fitness doesn’t only affect your body, it also helps clear your mind and I hope that having a clearer mind will help me on my way to become Chloé 2.0.
Achieving either one of these goals will require a lot of work on my side, of which I am very aware, but I have come to the conclusion that the time has come to focus and work on myself.
Regaining my independence & happiness will mostly just take time and a lot of #MotivationalMonday posts, which I will make sure to share with you. Maybe my motivation can become yours…?          
Reaching my ambitious Fitness goals, however, will require much more work.
In order to make sure I actually reach my Fitness goals, I am getting some very appreciated help from The White Rabbit, a wonderful Health & Fitness Club in Bern, Switzerland.
Picture: The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit is a beautifully decorated fitness club, in which visitors can train on newest high-tech machines and enjoy a great service by the highly attentive staff members.
The training at The White Rabbit is structured with the help of milon training cycles, which guides the rather inexperienced trainees – like myself – with their exercise and also avoids “traffic jams” within the gym.
The training is started with a warm-up of around 10 minutes and is followed by a training cycle. Every cycle is about 17.5 minutes long and can be repeated as many times as wished. Every machine is used for either 1 or 4 minutes and automatically instructs the user to move along to the next one when the time has run out, really making it a simple process to follow.
Every club member receives a personal card, on which the settings of all machines are saved, making switching amongst the training devices very easy and hence, more effective.
At the first introduction training, all machines are adapted to the needed height and strength the person requires and all settings are saved on the respective member’s club card.
To train, the card is simply inserted into the machines and all settings are put in place immediately.
Not only do the machines set up very quickly, you also don’t have to remember the settings, which I am particularly happy about.
Regularly, the settings are re-evaluated and adapted to the progress in fitness achieved, in order to make sure that the training remains effective.
Picture: The White Rabbit
For #ChloeGoesSummer, I will follow The White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and immerse myself into a healthy lifestyle with very regular trainings and a very healthy meal plan.
I will be doing 1 training a day, 6 days a week, which is – let’s be honest – a lot!
My weeks at The White Rabbit will consist of a mix of training cycles, endurance trainings and personal coachings.
This training program will ensure that I loose the extra weight I am currently carrying around and that I get to a point where I am fitter than before. Another nice side effect will hopefully be my improved bikini-figure for this summer… 😉
Besides training so much, I will also change my nutritional habits quiet drastically, excluding sweets and including a whole lot of fruit and vegetables. A nutrition guide from The White Rabbit will help me along the way and will ensure that I don’t eat all the things that are bad for my body.
This will be a real challenge for me, but I have all the motivation to succeed and I can’t wait to feel great again!
If you want to follow this challenge of mine, I will be making regular posts on all my social media channels, which you can check out. Whether you would like to know what smoothies I will be drinking or how much weight I – hopefully – will be loosing along the way, make sure to check back in with me regularly.
On Instagram, you can find me under chloe.roxane and follow along with the #ChloeGoesSummer and to go to my youtube channel, you can click here.
Right now, I invite you to find my week 0 report here, where you will get to know what the starting point is and – yes – you will learn how much I weigh right now, so please be kind, this isn’t a number a woman usually likes to share with the public. Nevertheless, I would appreciate your visit over there…
It would also mean a lot to me if you would tag along and maybe help out with a little motivational comment here and there – I’m sure I’ll need all the motivation I can get. 😉
So here it goes – #ChloeGoesSummer!
I wish you a lovely day dear!








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