#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 9


After having my entire life thrown upside down 3 months ago, I’ve had a surprising realization this week – life is good.

I’m good. I’m positive and so many great things are happening to me that smiling is pretty much the only option I have lately. Who would have thought I would say that again so soon after everything went downhill only a few weeks ago…?
Of course there are rough patches – it wouldn’t be normal if there weren’t any after terminating a nearly 10 year long relationship – but it’s all ok. It’s part of the process and as long as the positive moments overweight the negative, you’re on the right track, which I feel I am…
I’m so happy with the transformation I have gone through thanks to the training at The White Rabbit Health Club and nothing can stop me from reaching my dream shape now. Last week I had lost a total of 7 kg since starting this challenge and I’m not done yet.
Honestly, the only negative aspect of loosing weight is that all my favorite clothes are starting to be too big. But don’t worry, I don’t mind going shopping to get new clothes that fit my new size perfectly at all… ๐Ÿ˜‰


What more do you need to say than the title of that day? – Nothing really. There was all work and no play, which left me a dull girl…


Thank god more things happened on Tuesday. I was starting to worry I wouldn’t have anything to write for this week’s update!
Today, my wardrobe was finally delivered. You know, the 3 meter monstrosity that will hold all my treasured belongings from now on. It is a beauty. White, big, sturdy – all you need in a wardrobe. It’s a girl’s dream!
I had ordered this beauty two weeks ago at Interio and couldn’t wait until it was finally delivered. I was pleasantly surprised by the two guys that came to put it together. They were very friendly and helpful – a thing you can’t always say about delivery guys.
Unfortunately, as last time with my sofa, something went wrong again. I seem to have done something to enrage the Interio gods, as something always goes wrong with my deliveries. One of the shelves was broken when they took it out of the package, but they promised it will be replaced as fast as possible. Some of my things will have to wait to be put in their place until it’s delivered, but at least I can already start putting all the rest away.
You should see my apartment at the moment, it’s a mess! There are boxes and bags everywhere! I mean, I did know I had too much stuff, but I wasn’t aware I had that much…!
When I was deciding which wardrobe to order, my parents suggested I should take a smaller one than I had before, which really made me laugh. They apparently were even more unaware of the huge amount of clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes and other things I possess. Luckily, I had my wits about me and ordered that 3 meter monstrosity and believe me, I will need every . last . centimeter!
Now all I still need to do is put everything inside – it can only be a matter of months, I guess… ๐Ÿ˜‰


“It’s funny how sometimes, shedding some extra weight can make you feel so much lighter…”
When I read this quote today, it really hit home.
It is astonishing how changing something in your life that you thought was set in stone, can make you feel so much better.
Sometimes, you accept that things are a certain way, without actually knowing why you accept them. They are just there and you don’t even think of changing them, because they just are.
But the beauty about life is that you choose your own path and so you can decide to leave the track you are currently living your life on and switch to a new one.
The #ChloeGoesSummer project has come with a lot of surprises and has also helped me change a lot of things I thought were set in stone.
I never thought I would manage to loose the weight I had somehow accumulated without really noticing over the past couple of years…
I never thought I could go one day without something sweet to nibble on…
I never thought I would be single again after nearly 10 years and have to – or get to – look for love again…
I never thought I would enjoy working out 6 days a week in a fitness club…
…and still, all these things are happening and they are happening because I decided to leave the path I was walking on. I decided to walk outside the marked trail and I have no regrets. Leaving the mapped out roads can be tricky, but it can also help you discover some hidden gems…


Another Thursday, another personal training with Dario, my coach from The White Rabbit, which I was actually quite excited about. My excitement was increased even more when I heard I wouldn’t have to do any burpees that day – my prayers must have been heard!
Lately, Dario had made me do them with the jump and I can tell you, they are a b****! So I was very thrilled to hear they wouldn’t be on the “menu” today… The training was still hard work, but the more I train, the happier I get when I leave the club and the better I feel about myself…


Friday was all about the girls – my girlfriends to be more precise.
I spent a lovely afternoon in the city with my friend De to get all the props for the Gurtenfestival, which we will be attending next week.

The Gurtenfestival is a music festival that takes place on the “home mountain” of Bern and which offers a variety of different musical acts. We are still hoping and praying that the weather will be good and that our dear wellies will stay at home. I have all my outfits planned for the good weather alternative – what I’ll do if it’s raining I’m not sure yet, so please keep your fingers crossed that we won’t need any bad weather options!

In the evening I met my girls for a little barbecue and we had a lot of interesting conversations and laughs along the way…


Saturday was all about the Montreux Jazz Festival. Another very famous swiss music festival, which I got to attend to. I spent an entire day in Montreux with my dear friend Meli and we thoroughly enjoyed the lovely weather before heading into the auditorium to attend the main concert.

We had the chance to watch three different artists perform: xxx, Vintage Trouble and Jamie Cullum, which all delivered an amazing show!
After hours of concerts, dancing and walking around beautiful Montreux, our feet, legs and backs were killing us and we had to say good night to the bustling festival zone and head back to our hotel.
Unfortunately, the only thing standing between us and our well deserved rest was a – very very – full bus of festival visitors. Believe me if I say I wouldn’t want to repeat that journey in a while…

Besides that little bus disaster, the day and evening we spent at the Montreux Jazz Festival were absolutely fabulous!


Sunday was all about relaxing and enjoying life. It was another wonderful summer day and I spent the entire afternoon lounging around at the public “beach” with my friends – well, it’s not a beach, I’m from Switzerland after all, but how do you call that otherwise? A pool?
Well, no matter what you call it, the Marzili – Bern’s finest meat market – offers the perfect location to people watch during the summer months. It’s located just at the shore of the river Aare and offers a wonderful view on the house of parliament…and everybody who’s somebody in Bern – or at least thinks he is…

It’s really quiet interesting to spend some time in this place and just watch what is going on around you. There are a lot of guys who constantly flex their muscles to look good, which kinda makes their facial expression turn into a mask to hide the pain they most be feeling. I understand though, they work hard to get those muscles, so they need to make sure their work is appreciated and let’s be honest, we don’t mind that much… ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s a lot of the same game for the girls. Who has the best figure, bikini and hair – all of which are some of the most important questions of human mankind, no doubt.

As you can tell, I am taking it all with a lot of humor – at least I am doing so now. Last year when I was really not feeling too great in my skin, going to the Marzili wasn’t fun for me at all and I could definitely not see any humor in it. I didn’t feel comfortable nor confident enough to face the prying eyes of “tout Berne”. I ended up only going a hand full of times during that entire summer, something I definitely plan to change this year!

I’m so happy to feel confident with how I look again – something I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without all the help I’ve received from The White Rabbit! No more self-doubt or feeling bad! I’ve got my life back and I fully intend to take advantage of that from now on, so keep posted to see what will happen in the coming weeks!


FITNESS STATUS : I feel like I keep improving & I don’t want it to stop, it’s addictive!
CURRENT WEIGHT : 64.6 kg   |   -0.4 kg from last week

CURRENT MOOD : Happy & Looking forward to next week!

Week 9 was a bit of a weird week. Not that much happened and still I’m feeling as if I was advancing so much – on a physiological, but also psychological level.
Don’t forget to tune back in next week for week 10!

Have a lovely day dear!




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