#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 8



8 weeks have passed since I started my #ChloeGoesSummer project with The White Rabbit and I have lost 7 kg!

I actually can’t believe I get to write this. 7 kg – seven kilos!


I never dreamt that I would actually be able to loose that much weight in such a short time – and without actually suffering or hating my life, may I add!
Of course I have changed my nutrition, but actually not as much as I thought I would have to. And of course I am training 6 days a week, but I have actually gotten used to it so fast and now, when I don’t do my workout – as during the days I was in London last week – I feel like a sloth.
I can honestly tell you that I would never have thought that I could change my life so completely in such a short time period and quiet honestly, if I was able to do it, so are you!
I used to sit on my couch and think “I’ll never be that girl – the one that works out all the time – the one that looks great in her swimsuit – the one that seems super happy with how she looks” but I realised that I actually could be that girl and I’m bloody proud to say that!
So if you are like I used to be and you feel that you’ll never be that girl/guy, don’t give up on yourself. You are (most likely) way too young to do so and therefore you should definitely do something about it.
Let me tell you, the start is the hardest part. Once you put that behind you, everything else is a piece of cake – or not, because you won’t be eating any of that for a while – but you get what I mean… 😉
So, after this little pep-talk, let’s get started with my little weekly update…
As always, make sure to check out my previous updates to know what has been going on so far. You can find them all right here:



Having to leave London and my friends behind on Monday wasn’t fun, but we spent such a lovely weekend together that I can’t complain at all. We went to cool restaurants, had riveting conversations and laughed more than my stomach muscles could handle.
If you want to read more about what happened during my stay there, make sure to check out these two posts here and here.

Sitting in the airplane back home I felt a little lighter and I thought to myself that having friends that can make you laugh this hard is truly wonderful! I can’t wait to plan the next weekend together and to see what crazy conversations we’ll have then…


Why oh why did I have to arrange to have a personal training on the day after coming home from a lazy weekend in London?!?
Quiet obviously, I must have lost my mind! What was I thinking?!?

These were pretty much my thoughts once I realized that Dario, my personal trainer at The White Rabbit, was waiting for me on Tuesday evening for a workout session.
Don’t get me wrong, Dario is a super nice guy and our trainings are always fun, but I did not feel like I could muster the courage to face that type of training after having done nothing for the past 5 days.
A little hour on my friend the static bike would have been nice – you know, to get reacquainted – but apparently that wasn’t on my training plan.

So I headed to The White Rabbit with just a slither of motivation and got ready to face the always chipper Dario – well duh, he doesn’t have to do the exercise…

Joke aside, once we actually started with the training, my motivation came back and it turned out to be a great workout. Not that I did a great job – honestly, I was pretty bad – but once we got through all the exercises, I felt good. My mood was better and I felt much more energized – something I would never have thought would be the case after such an intense training. Although, this time around I didn’t have to do the bear and the crab – something that probably helped my good mood too…

I am starting to realize that my body craves the training and I can actually do much more than I thought possible. Who knew that I, the little couch potato, could start craving exercise?!?


Why is it that I never have anything interesting to tell you about Wednesdays?!? What’s wrong with that day?

Oh well, I’m anyways going to write novels for the other days, so you might actually be happy if I don’t write anything for today…oh wait, I had a date with Mr. Static Bike for an hour. That’s something, right?


As I had to change my nutrition for my #ChloeGoesSummer challenge, I had to find a new alternative for my breakfast. I used to always eat a little bread for breakfast, something that now definitely doesn’t fit my dietary plan anymore. Therefore, I have started a while ago to create smoothies or smoothie bowls for my breakfast. This is a really simple way to have a yummy and healthy breakfast.

One of my favorite smoothie bowls that I make on a regular basis consist of:

  • One banana
  • A hand-full of frozen raspberries
  • A bit of cold coconut water
Blend it all together and add some cashews, almonds, coconut flakes and anything else you feel like having on your smoothie bowl and tadaa, there is your healthy breakfast. Check out the picture collage below to see how my smoothie bowl looked this Thursday. I have to say that I was very proud of it, with this color and amazing design, it truly had to be good! 😉


This Friday was a bit special. I generally only work until lunch time on Fridays, but this week, my boss and I had an important meeting to attend to in the afternoon. I work for a company that will be launching a new Fashion brand in September and we were looking for the perfect model to represent our products in our upcoming photoshoot.

Choosing a model is an interesting process and we definitely found a few beautiful women that could match our brand very well.

If you are curious about this new brand that will be launching soon, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to keep you posted about all the details as soon as I can. As soon as the first product shots are available, you’ll get the inside scoop!

I can just tell you that I love the products very much and working on launching a new fashion brand really is an extremely interesting and challenging job, which I am exceptionally glad to have.


This Saturday isn’t even worth mentioning. The weather was an absolute catastrophe and definitely not appropriate for a Saturday in July.
When I noticed it was raining cats and dogs, I decided to stay in bed much longer than necessary and the only thing that really got me out of this wonderful, cozy place, was the fact I had a training to go to.

I headed to The White Rabbit and just got there in time to perform two rounds on the milon training cycle before they closed for the day – perfect timing! At least it made me feel that I had achieved something in that day, which was actually quiet satisfying.

Unfortunately, all my friends had other plans, so I ended up having a chilled night at home – not a bad thing, but not really what I was feeling like doing. I realized that I actually wouldn’t mind going out – something that seems very strange for me as I haven’t been interested in going out for the past couple of years – I guess that’s what happens when you’re suddenly single again…


Sunday really made up for Saturday. The sun was out, I had coffee with one of my best friends and went to see the match France – Iceland in a public viewing site in the city with another one of my best friends. Ah, what a treat!

This day finally felt like summer had arrived and I couldn’t have been more thrilled about it!

After this beautiful day, all that was left was to write this update. So here we go, this was week 8. Make sure to keep scrolling to see my physiological update…


FITNESS STATUS : I’m so happy with how fit I have become, it’s so much better than only 8 weeks ago and I’m thrilled about that fact!
CURRENT WEIGHT : 65.0 kg   |   -7 kg since #ChloeGoesSummer started!!!

CURRENT MOOD : Happy, euphoric, ecstatic! 7 kg!!! Wow!

So my dears, this has been week 8 and I can’t wait to see what week 9 will have to offer. Maybe another change on the scale? Who knows! 
Actually, you will, if you check back in with me in one week again.
See you then!
Have a lovely day dear!

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