#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 7

What a turbulent week it has been indeed…

As you might have realised, Week 7’s update is a bit late. Generally, I always post my weekly updates on Sunday night, however, this week I spent some time with friends from uni in London, my favorite city. My trip was planned to last from Thursday to Monday, but as life sometimes goes, nothing went according to plan, so make sure to keep reading…


Monday was all about animals. Dario, my fitness coach from The White Rabbit, made me do all types of “animal workouts” during training, such as the bear and the crab. I have never laughed and cursed so much in one training. I can now honestly say that I dislike crabs even more than bears – puh, what a relief to finally know this about myself! 😉
You might be very confused by now and I completely understand. In order to let you know I’m not crazy, let me try to explain those exercises.
Basically, for the bear, you walk around on all fours for 3 minutes, with three little breaks in between. This exercise first just seems overly silly, as you feel like a toddler who hasn’t figured out how to get up on two legs yet, but after the first interval of 1 minute, you realise you are actually using muscles in your body – especially your booty – to hold yourself up. Something I did notice very much one day after the training, when my “muscle cat” kicked in!
Side note – if you don’t know what a muscle cat is yet, you haven’t been keeping up with my weekly updates – shame on you – and you should maybe have a look at what happened before. I assure you it’s worth it!


Coming back to the animals that were unleashed in Monday’s training, the crab actually turned out to be a real pain. For this exercise, you also walk on all fours, but upside down. Hence, you are sitting down and then pushing up on your legs and arms and then start walking around like a little crab. This might sound cute, but let me tell you, it’s not!
I was very happy once the training was done and I was finally able to put the animals back where they belong – in the zoo!


Tuesday was all about preparing the photo shoot for one of our clients that was going to take place the next day. My boss and I ran around town in order to find all the pieces of furniture and decoration we were going to need – a task we were both very excited, but also stressed about. Only a few hours later, we had two mini’s filled with rugs, plants, picture frames and more and were ready to get cracking the next day…


Wednesday was a full day of shooting and there is really not much to say about it, except that it was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work…You can’t imagine what preparation a simple interior design shot requires!


As you know from the introduction, I was supposed to fly to London on Thursday, what happened then can be found here.
Let me just tell you, it was a nerve-wracking experience…


As I hadn’t been able to fly out to London on Thursday and as my replacement flight was only at 21.30 that night, I had a free Friday on my hands. In order to not waste this day, I decided to make it a productive one. Hence, I headed to Interio with my mom to order my new wardrobe, which will be housing all my clothing very soon – something I am very excited about.
At around 5 pm, I started heading to Zurich, but not before calling easyjet to make sure the plane was actually going to leave. Once I had received the GO, I took the train and started my journey.
Everything went fine, until we were about to board…
We were already a tad bit late, something I wasn’t really astonished about, as this generally occurs to me when travelling with easyjet, but once we started boarding, an enormous thunderstorm broke out above us. The storm was lighting up the sky and I was just waiting for the announcement that the flight would be cancelled.
Apparently, the odds were in my favour and hence, we were able to leave after only half an hour of delay. You have no idea how relieved I was once we actually touched ground in London only a short while later.
At 1 am I finally arrived at my friends’ place and fell into bed, ready for a good night’s sleep…


After a wonderful brunch with my friends, we decided that the next activity should be a bit of shopping on Regent Street. Once we turned the corner to head towards all the stores, we were surprised to be standing in the middle of the London Pride Parade – something that completely surprised us, as we had not heard it was going to be happening that day.
I must say that it was a wonderful thing to see and I was actually quiet excited to be a part of it, even if we only stayed for a few minutes. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should have the freedom to live their life however they want and love whoever they want. Seeing how many people, companies and even institutions, such as the police, the firefighters and the army, participated in the parade was great and after basking in the rainbow for a little while, we left the parade behind to go have drinks and a chat in a bar along the river. We chatted for hours, while a mix of sun and heavy rain was passing by and I realised again how fortunate I am to have such wonderful and wonderfully crazy friends I have. We are all mad, entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are!
The time we spent together that afternoon was great, but the highlight of that day was the restaurant we went to that night.
As we all are alumni of the École Hôtelière de Lausanne – or short EHL – we all have a love for special restaurants and great concepts. We therefore always try to visit the most interesting restaurants we can possibly find and that night was no exception.
We went to La Bodega Negra, a wonderful Mexican restaurant with a twist.
Let’s say that you have to drop your inhibitions to enter this establishment – refer to the picture below…
As you might see, my friends and I are standing in front of a sex shop that advertises Adult Videos and a Peep Show, which isn’t actually on the menu – I promise.
After entering this rather raunchy establishment, you find the eclectic restaurant that hides in the cellar underneath it and it will blow you away! Not only is it a dark and sensual space, the food and service are excellent. Yummy cocktails, magic tricks and an interesting music choice made this dinner a wonderful time!
We went to Mr. Fogg’s for a little after-dinner-cocktail and I can highly recommend visiting this very interesting place. Make sure to check out all the different rooms and get some drink recommendations from the staff, they are not only very nice, but also highly qualified.
The night ended with the funniest uber ride of my life, including a passenger named Dobby that was the chirpiest and funniest house-elfe I’ve ever seen…


Shopping at Primark is my cardio.
No, honestly, shopping at Primark is a real workout. I spent quiet a bit of my Sunday there and found a lot of lovely things – clothes, shoes, accessories and interior design pieces – all for nearly nothing.
If you ever want to go to Primark, here are my tips for a – mostly – stress-free experience:


  • Plan ahead. I always come to London with a half empty suitcase – where will you put all the clothes otherwise?!?
  • Go at 8 am, everything after 10 am is crazy
  • Wear a neutral outfit. My go-to are black leggings and a black shirt. With this, you have no patterns or colours that will distract you while trying pieces of clothing.
  • Grab a roll-basket. They are the only true companion you need while shopping at Primark
  • First make one “scouting” round. Have a look around and only take the pieces you really can’t live without. Everything else can wait until round two. I generally end up making at least 3, if not 4 rounds through the entire store. There is so much to see that you need a few times to spot everything.
  • Grab everything you like and look for a free mirror. Try everything you can in front of the mirror, instead of heading to the changing rooms. As you can only take in 9 pieces, the changing rooms are only for pieces you actually have to undress for to try.
  • Reason with yourself and be honest. Do you really need the pieces you’ve put in your basket? Everything is so cheap that sometimes, it overrules your logic.
  • Be nice to the staff, they are dealing with a lot of tourists and messy people the whole day and you being nice to them might brighten their day!


Do you have any other tips to shop at Primark? If yes, let me know in the comments below!
After my little excursion to Primark, I had a wonderful dinner with my former roomie from uni, which was absolutely lovely. We went to a pop-up food market in Brixton, which featured an interesting array of different foods from all around the world – again something we like to test out as EHL students…



FITNESS STATUS : It was hard coming back from the lazy weekend I had in London, but I gotta get back at it.
CURRENT WEIGHT : 65.9 kg   |   -0.1 kg since last week. I mean, you gotta celebrate the small things too…

CURRENT MOOD : I’m doing good and I’m actually excited to get back to my training, which wasn’t the case yesterday, but today I’m feeling good!

I’m happy and grateful that I got to spend a part of Week 7 in my favorite city and with my wonderful friends, which was a real treat. I’m not sure what Week 8 will bring, as I seem to have very little planned this time, but no matter what, I’m sure there will be a few interesting things to tell you about on Sunday, so make sure to check back in with me then.
Until then, have a lovely day dear!



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