#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 6

Another week – another story…
Week 6 has already passed and it’s been an interesting one. There’s been ups and downs, highs and lows. From tears of joy to tears of sadness, this week has encompassed it all, so make sure to have a read at the days below…

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And don’t forget to read till the end to see my physiological update – what will the scale say this Sunday?!?


After having been on vacation and having relaxed for one week, it was time to get back to business on Monday. There is really not much to tell you about this day, except that I had a lot to catch up with at work and that I spend one hour on my favorite machine at The White Rabbit – The static bike.
This seems to be my go-to torture device whenever I can choose which one to use and last time I even caught myself looking forward to spending an hour on it – huh, what’s wrong with me?!?
Maybe this is a hereditary condition, my grandfather was a professional cyclist after all and maybe – just maybe – I inherited some of his biking skills. He participated in the Tour de France various times and even won the Tour de Suisse once – very impressive, if I consider how I feel after only one hour on the static bike. He might not have given me any of his skills after all, considering how much that makes me suffer…
I have to be quiet honest, I will never be as fit as my own grandpa and that’s a simple fact. Around 10 years ago, with over 80 years old, he used to still drive his bike around the Lago Maggiore – something I wouldn’t even manage now, at only 27. He is absolutely and without a doubt the fittest person I have ever known in my life and saying that I am impressed about all his athletic accomplishments doesn’t even give it justice.
Such big accomplishments don’t come without a cost though. He has trained countless hours, has never drunk one glass of alcohol and never smoked a cigaret in his entire life. A lifestyle he chose for himself and has kept up over the years.
I on the other hand, enjoy enjoying life and cannot – and don’t want to – live such a strict lifestyle. Good food, some lazy days and the occasional party with a nice drink every once in a while, are what keep me happy.
So Monday’s conclusion is – You can’t inherit everything from your family – a fact that can be both a relief and a disappointment…


Hold your horses, something has happened! A miracle! A dream come true!
My sofa has arrived and it is the right colour!
Da – Da – Daaaaa!
If you have started dialling to call the psychiatric clinic right now, please hang up again, I haven’t lost my mind – I promise. But my sofa has finally arrived – Thank the Interio gods!
After the wrong colour had been delivered two weeks ago – you might remember my rant – I was honestly very disheartened. My wonderful grey sofa should have been the first real piece of furniture in my apartment – the first piece to start my new home – and my heart was a bit broken when they had to take it back because it was beige.
When the right one arrived on Tuesday, it honestly felt as if everything was falling into place and like I could finally start my new life.
You might think that I’m overreacting and you have every right to, but let me explain before you make up your mind.
I have had to end the most important relationship I have ever had in my life after nearly 10 years, I had to leave my home to find a new one, I had to take care of all the administrative crap that goes along with this change and I have had to accept the fact that the person that used to be everything to me is now nothing.
When the wrong sofa arrived, it just added this tiny little bit on top of the already pretty highly stacked pile of s*** that was my life at that moment and it brought it dangerously close to tumbling down and burying me under it. But thank god I am a strong, independent woman – repeat after me – strong, independent woman and I managed to keep my head up.
Sorry if you’re a guy, by the way. But honestly, why shouldn’t you repeat that after me?! Give it your own twist, maybe you need to tell yourself that you are a strong, independent man too. This can’t just be a girl-thing, guys must need a little pep-talk every once in a while too, so go ahead!
Joke aside, I am honestly deeply satisfied that my sofa has arrived and that I can now start putting together the rest of my new apartment and make it my own. I was very close to shedding a little happy tear when I first saw how my living room was coming together. Now it will finally become a home…


My coach Dario of The White Rabbit has put together a training plan for me, on which I see what type of training I have to do every day of the week.
I was very happy to have this visual representation, especially in the first few weeks, as I had never trained at a gym before.
By now, I know my way around the gym, but I still like having my personalised plan in order to keep track of what I’m doing in a day. I thoroughly enjoy ticking off every training, once I have finished, as it just gives you such a sense of satisfaction to see that you have accomplished one more training on that list.
I have to say that I highly appreciate the personalised service The White Rabbit gives their clients and I can highly recommend you come by for a test training.
The White Rabbit offers the possibility to have a free one week trial, where you are shown around, all machines are explained to you and you can train as much as you want for one week, after which you can decide if you would like to become a member.
Should you be interested in receiving such an introduction, make sure to contact carrots@the-white-rabbit.ch and let them know that I sent you. They’ll be happy to make an appointment with you and who knows, maybe I’ll see you there soon!


What better way to spend a Thursday night than with your girls? – Right, there is none!

This evening consisted of yummy food, boy-talk and a lot of laughter – nothing more really needs to be said…


One of the most depressing things when gaining weight is that you don’t fit inside your clothes anymore, at which point you normally either give them away or pack them onto the “I’ll be able to wear them again sometime” pile.
This despicable pile usually gets bigger and bigger over time and the bigger the pile, the heavier it weights on your mood. Many of my favorite pieces had found their way onto this pile in the past couple of years, but this Friday, I got to do something fabulous – I got to take something off that pile!
I was getting ready to head to town with two of my best friends, when I started wondering what I was gonna wear. My jeans I had been wearing for the past couple of months, now – luckily – are at least one size too big and I was starting to get worried I wouldn’t have anything to wear, when I suddenly realised there was one pair of pants I could try.
A pair of dark-washed jeans that had found their way onto the “probably never gonna happen again, but can’t throw them away yet”-pile a long time ago.
I took them out of the bag and warily examined their size – I was still very suspicious and couldn’t fathom they would actually fit. My girls encouraged me to try nevertheless and when I actually managed to put them on and close that button, we all cheered in unison!
I can’t believe they fit again! 😀
In order to give you a feeling of what this actually means, let me tell you what happened the last time I tried to put these jeans on: I didn’t even fit them over my bum and couldn’t even dream of closing them and now THEY FIT! And I can actually breath – another big victory, because we all know that the only important factor is whether we can survive in them or if they’ll make us suffocate…
Obviously, I knew that I had already lost more than 5 kilos within the last few weeks and that this was bound to happen, but I hadn’t actually tried any of my old clothes yet and actually seeing the difference gave me an immense boost of confidence. So after this, I headed to town for a night out with my girls with a spring in my step…


After having enjoyed a girls night on the town – including a few highs and lows on my mood barometer – I was prepared for the usual repercussions such a night brings along: a headache, nausea and any other – less than welcome – feelings of a hangover. But when I awoke on Saturday morning, I felt nothing!
This is when I realised that I am indeed an adult and a strong, independent woman with a functioning brain, not an early tween girl who can’t hold her liquor – not that I’ve ever been that girl, I was always the responsible one, but you know what I mean…
I had eaten a real meal, stuck to only one type of alcohol, stopped drinking mid-night-through and drunk two huge glasses of water before going to bed, which left me feeling absolutely fine the next morning.
Not only did I not have any signs of a hangover, I also felt highly motivated to get my day started and to attend my training at The White Rabbit, which consisted of a warm-up on the static bike, two rounds on the milon cycle and a stretching session.
I have to honestly tell you that I would never have thought I would get to a point where I do so much for myself and feel so good about it. Only a few months ago, I couldn’t get myself motivated to move, I felt sorry for myself because I kept gaining weight, but I didn’t have the guts to actually do anything about it and I often spent my weekend doing nothing – a fact that often left me feel depressed and sad. Now however, I am happy to be doing all the things I do and the energy I gain from training 6 days a week is the best boost I have ever encountered.
I have lost 6 kilos in a bit more than 6 weeks – wow!
I can honestly say that I am proud of what I do and of what I have achieved so far and I won’t stop till I reach the point where I’ll be completely happy with how I feel and look.
If you feel like you want to do the same, don’t hesitate, it’s now or never!
You can reach out to me or The White Rabbit directly, so don’t be shy. If I – the biggest couch potato on earth – was able to do it, so can you!


Sunday used to be a weird day for me and I could never really get myself to like it that much. Yes, you are off work, but you are also already anticipating Monday’s arrival, at least that’s how it used to be for me for a very long time.
During my studies, Sunday was always the day I had to head back to Lausanne and leave my parents, my friends and my boyfriend behind to tackle another week at school, which definitely made Sunday night my least favorite night of the week.
For the last couple of years, I always struggled to make my Sundays worth while and not always did I succeed. But since I have started my #ChloeGoesSummer project, I have actually started appreciating Sundays.
I usually start my day relatively early and head straight to my training, in order to start the day right – and also get it out of the way, let’s be honest. After I’m done with the daily dose of training, I’ve started to get together with my girls for coffee on a regular basis and I have finally started loving my Sundays.
Today was exactly like that – Lovely.
I met three friends for coffee and a catch-up session and was once again blown away by the fact that I have some of the best, loveliest and most supportive girls in my life I could ever imagine.
They have been – are – and will always be there for me, no matter what, just like I will be for them.
Before this gets too mushy-touchy-feely, I’ll stop and leave you with the pictures of the week and my next physiological update below…



FITNESS STATUS : On it again and feeling like it’s getting better and better.
CURRENT WEIGHT : 66.0 kg   |   – 6 kg since #ChloeGoesSummer started & fitting in my old jeans again- Woop Woop!

CURRENT MOOD : Happy to be back at training and somehow feeling like I need another date with Mr. Static Bike!

Week 6 – A week full of surprises that left me waiting to see what week 7 will bring.

Make sure to check back in with me next week to know what surprises will come my way next…
Have a lovely day dear!



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