#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 5


Another week of my #ChloeGoesSummer challenge has passed, but this one was a bit different…

I spent this week on vacation in the South of France and it was a dream come true…


As you might have gathered from my last weekly update – which you can find here by the way – I am currently on vacation in the south of France.
Luckily, the weather has been amazing and as it is only June, our village is still quiet tranquil, as the floods of tourists haven’t arrived yet.
I have been enjoying spending some time in the sun and with my family, but I’ve also had some tough days to face. I am in a place where we’ve spent countless vacations together after all, which entails a long list of happy memories. Unfortunately, we have run out of paper and no new ones will be added anymore – at least not together. But I have spent my vacation here since I was a kid, long before he was a part of my life and I will be spending my vacation here in the future as well, for a long time after him.
It is my second home and one of my favorite places on earth, so I won’t let memories – which are very happy, but now have a bit of a sour after-taste – ruin this special place for me.
This is why I have embraced every day of this vacation and I have taken as much out of every minute as I could.
In order to get at least a bit of exercise in, I decided to walk to the village by foot – a journey that takes around 45 minutes – and follows the former main road from our house to the centre of the village. To cool off, I got a “Citron Pressé” – a very sour, but very healthy drink – at my favorite bar and took advantage of the good internet connection provided there.
Once I had checked Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Co. and nothing new seemed to have happened, I decided to walk back home.
On the way home I had time to really just think.
Think about the past – about my current situation – about the future.
Recently, I have noticed that I tend to occupy myself as much as possible, in order to avoid being alone with my own thoughts. I check my phone, go on social media, text friends, watch YouTube – I do anything to avoid having to deal with ME and I realised that that couldn’t be healthy.
Hence, I should better start talking to myself – figuratively speaking – and start dealing with some stuff…


After having written a novel on Monday, I am going to keep Tuesday short. At least I’ll try – we both know I suck at keeping any of my texts short, but sometimes you have to have some faith…
I have been taking it quiet easy this week with my training, so I decided to swim some lengths in our pool, in order to avoid disappointing Dario, my coach at The White Rabbit too much.
The water was lovely and it felt good to have done some kind of exercise that day. Even more so as I have been letting myself indulge in the wonderful food that the Provence offers: crisp baguettes, hearty meats and potent cheeses. But also fresh salads, juicy vegetables and ripe fruits!
I spent some time trying to work on my tan – a very difficult endeavour, as I mostly go from Snow White-white to Lobster-red within minutes. But with enough sun screen, I managed to add a hint of brown to my pale skin.
I always thought that the saying “If you can’t tone it – tan it” is a bit exaggerated, but after having seen what this very – very – slight change in complexion did to my appearance, I must admit that they might be right. Hence, I have decided to do both this summer – tan & tone – that should get me where I wanna go, right…?


Wednesday is my favorite day of the week when I am in our little village in the Provence, because it’s market day!
I love strolling around all the different stands and seeing all the beautiful products offered. The Provence really has a huge selection of wonderful foods and nowhere do you find better products than on the local markets.
As we have been spending our vacation in this very same village for over 25 years, we know quiet a lot of the stand owners and it is always a pleasure seeing them and trying their new products.
The market comes with a lot of personalities that are a bit cliché, but exceptionally lovable.
There is the “Madame des légumes” – A strong and powerful lady that has a firm grip on everything around her stand: her vegetables, her husband and even her clients. Nowhere else do you find a straighter queue, because everybody knows you better behave if you want to get your fresh veggies.
Or the cheese lady, who is always made up as if she was attending the biggest party in town. She looks great, but I would never put on that much makeup during the day to sell cheese on a farmers market. Her cheese is the best though and she is a lovely woman who always recognises me and asks how I’ve been doing and if she wants to make every day a party day, good for her!
And then you have the old man that sells honey, who takes care of his little stand with such care that you just can’t pass him by.
As you can see, there are many things and people to discover on a Provence market and I can only recommend trying the local products, they are definitely worth it!


Thursday, two of my very good friends joined me in the Provence to enjoy the last days of vacation with me. They came with great news, as they had just gotten engaged!
I could tell my friend was a bit nervous to announce their big news to me – whether it was because I was the first of our little group of friends she told it to, or whether she wasn’t sure how I would take it because of my current situation, I don’t know. After all, my happy ever after just dissolved into thin air, while hers is just beginning, but I can honestly say that I felt nothing but joy.
I can’t imagine two people that deserve being happy and finding their happy ever after together more than these two love birds and I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding with them!
I’m sure my happy ever after will come eventually – we’ll see if it is with a prince in shining armour or how it will unfold, but I’m sure destiny will play her cards at some point. Until then, I’ll just enjoy life as it is…


It has become very clear to me, that I need to deal with my situation and the emotions that are evoked through it actively. Shutting everything out and keeping it to myself doesn’t help.
I’m lucky in a way, because I’m not afraid to show that I am hurting to the people that are close to me and I have wonderful friends who pick me up every time it gets a bit too much. A simple cry-face-emoji is enough to trigger a wave of supportive messages from my girls, which really helps and which I am eternally grateful for.
But I have also realised that, even though my situation isn’t easy – quiet frankly it simply sucks – I am still very fortunate. In the bigger scope of things, I am doing exceptionally well. I have a job I love, friends who support me, parents that love me no matter what and many other things that I can be very thankful for.
I have decided to try and focus on these things – the things that make my life great – instead of focusing on the things that make it hard at the moment, because I am aware that compared to many people on this planet, I am very fortunate.
While being here, I realised that I am especially thankful for having such a wonderful place, which I can always come to and which will always be a second home for me – a little piece of paradise…


Unfortunately, once Saturday rolled around, I had to pack up my things and leave my little piece of paradise to head back home. Luckily, I had my two friends that gave me a ride back to Switzerland, which I really appreciated, as my parents stayed in the South for another week.
The journey went really well and once I came home, I decided that the night was still young – and so was I – so I headed right back to the city, to have dinner and drinks with friends, which turned out to be a great decision. We had an awesome evening with many laughs and it left me feeling very positive. Life is going to be ok after all…


If you look at the four pictures I have chosen to represent my week this time, you could get jealous and maybe even hate me a little. But before you do, you should know that I am back in Switzerland now and that I haven’t even left my house today as the weather is just plain and simple: GREY.
I would prefer finally getting my grey sofa, instead of the grey weather, but apparently life doesn’t work that way…
After a full week of sunshine, sun screen and pool time, this weather situation seems rather depressing. I really hope summer is going to find it’s way to Bern soon or I’ll have to start thinking about migrating to the Provence permanently…
At least I have my weekly results to be happy about, so make sure to check them out below…



FITNESS STATUS : Took a chill-pill this week, but tomorrow it’s on again
CURRENT WEIGHT : 66.6 kg   |   – 0.4 kg since last week – not bad for a week of vacation

CURRENT MOOD : Kinda looking forward to going back to my training at The White Rabbit – isn’t that weird?!

Week 5 – A full week of vacation in the sunny Provence, but I still managed to stay on track – Go me! I can’t wait to work on Week 6!

Make sure to check back in with me next week to know how getting back to my training has been – I’m sure there will be new tales of my muscle-cat for you…
Have a lovely day dear!



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