#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 4

One month has passed since I started training for #ChloeGoesSummer and the first goal has been reached…

I have never mentioned any specific goals – in terms of kilos – that I wanted to achieve, simply because I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to loose. I didn’t want to promise myself and you a specific number and then have to disappoint both of us. But in my head, one goal I had set for myself was to loose 5 kg…and this week I reached that goal!
I lost 5 kg in 4 weeks.
Wow, I can’t really believe it yet.
Only a few weeks ago, I had no drive, no energy and I thought I would never be able to lose any weight. I felt stuck in a body I wasn’t happy with, but I didn’t have the power or strength to do anything about it. Everything seemed to be too much – too much effort, too much work, too much of everything – and I was sure I would never look good again.
Today, I have hope. I am only 27 years old for goodness’ sake – I want to not only look good, I want to be hot!
I’m sick of feeling like the “best friend” of the main character in a movie, who is nice, but never seems to be pretty, interesting or important enough to get decent screen time. I want to be the leading lady! And I should be the leading lady of my own life – dammit – we all should be!
– Kudos to you if you know which movie I stole this from. You should definitely leave me a comment, because we are meant to be friends for sure! –
So, after this little outburst, let’s see what this week had in store for me…
There is really nothing special I can say about Monday.
It was a typical start of a new week that ended on a high note with the training at The White Rabbit.
When I realised I could actually spend my hour long training on one of the cardio machines, I felt happy. Yes, you read right, happy!
I am starting to enjoy my time on the cardio machines and even Mr. Cross-trainer is starting to be my friend. If you don’t know who Mr. Cross-trainer is and what kind of relationship we have, make sure to check out my previous updates – it’s a riveting story…
I have started catching up on all my YouTube subscriptions while training on these devices, which has made the time fly. There is nothing better than watching an episode of Cheat Day by Clevver TV while sitting on the static bike. Burning calories while the Clevver girls eat the weirdest concoctions somehow just feels right – or utterly wrong, depending on your personal preference…
Today I had my third personal training lesson with Dario, which turned out to be one hell of a training. This time, the exercises were grouped in cycles, which were to be repeated four times. After having done one of the four cycles, I was done. Dead. Not able to move anymore and I seriously doubted I would managed three more cycles.
But Dario wouldn’t be Dario if he didn’t push me to complete my workout and I did. I took the last little bit of energy I could find and completed the four excruciating cycles, which – in retrospect – I am very proud of. But during the training, I swear I was about to wipe that cocky grin off Dario’s face when he told me “just one round” one more time…
Don’t worry, I’m just joking!
Dario is a great trainer and a really nice guy who helps me push my limits and makes the trainings a lot of fun. We joke around a lot and it makes the time go by much faster.
Unfortunately, my poker face seems to suck, because he has already found at least 2 workouts I loath and has made sure to incorporate them in every training we’ve had so far.
I should really work on that poker face of mine to spare me some “muscle-cat”… 😉
Moving generally comes with a ton of unwanted and unfortunate challenges that try to make your life a living hell. From getting the wrong sofa delivered, to having to deal with all the paperwork and realising you should have thrown half the stuff you own away years ago, nothing really classifies as fun. But as I am a strong, independent woman – or at least, I try to be – I have started taking care of all these things this week.
I called back the store that had delivered the wrong sofa – a beige monstrosity – because they hadn’t called me back yet, even though the lady assured me it would be “Tuesday the latest”. I took care of the necessary paperwork – notify the city, get a new insurance, talk to the energy supplier – and even started cleaning out all the junk I had assembled over the past couple of years.
When you start separating the wheat from the chaff, you can come across a lot of funny stuff. As I was sorting through a few boxes I had still stored at my parents place, I found my old Game Boy. I was distracted from cleaning at once and just went through all the games I found in the same box. Rummaging through memories is more fun than cleaning after all…
Remembering how much time I spent on this little device – once so advanced in technology – had me smiling to myself. Todays’ kids would probably laugh at the low quality of the images or the simplicity of the games, but for us, this was the future and it was exhilarating.
I remember when the first games in colour came out and we could finally see what the surroundings in our favorite games were supposed to look like. I am aware that I sound like a grandma who is remembering “better times”, which isn’t my intention at all, but nothing speaks against having a few nostalgic feelings every once in a while… In retrospect, these games were pretty lame and the graphics definitely sucked, but back then, they were the best you could get and we thought they were amazing!
This shows that something that was once great, doesn’t have to stay the best forever. Sometimes you just have to move on to something new – a realisation that applies to Game Boys and life in general…
OW pretty much sums up the way I felt after today’s personal training. We did quick cycles today, meaning that I did every exercise for 20 seconds with 10 second intervals and repeated them 8 times. This doesn’t only sound complicated, it was hard to do too. But I have to say that I prefer this type of training cycle to the one we did on Tuesday, where I had to do all the exercises 4 times and which nearly drove me nuts. Doing it only once, but for a longer time, is much more convenient and it somehow makes it seem shorter.
After a painful, but quiet successful training, I had to head home to pack for my vacation that was about to start the next day, which took up my entire evening. I don’t know about you, but I tend to massively overpack, especially when I am preparing to head to our vacation home in the Provence, in the South of France.
You have to know that packing a suitcase when you are a YouTuber / Blogger, is quiet the challenge. I tend to think in pictures or videos, taking into consideration all the different things I need to pack in order to create the content I have envisioned. One major benefit of going on vacation with your parents in a big car is that you can overpack as much as you want – within the limits provided by your car’s size of course.
Hence, I packed for every occasion and eventuality, making my suitcase way too heavy for this one week of vacation.
I decided that I had never been able to travel light, so I wasn’t going to start now…
Friday was all about travelling.
We left Bern at 6 am, which meant that we had to get up at 5 – a time I normally tend to still be fast asleep. Usually nobody and nothing could possibly get me out of bed at that hour, but the prospect of going to one of the most beautiful places on this planet somehow got me out of bed.
I was so knackered from this very early start that I slept the entire way to the Provence. The only time I decided to open my eyes was for a little pitt stop at a Decathlon store to buy an excessive amount of new sports clothes.
Shopping at Decathlon was quiet the experience – isle after isle of sports gear and fitness clothes that had my little fitness heart beating fast. I was running around the store like a Duracel bunny and found so many new pieces of clothing that I filled an entire basket.
There were two reasons for me to turn into a Duracel bunny: Firstly, my dad hates waiting around in stores while me and my mom shop, so I had to hurry to keep him in a good mood. Secondly, there were just too many cute workout clothes, which caught my attention along the way and I usually get very hyper when I can shop so many cute clothes at once.
I ended up with around 5 pants, 6 shirts and a pair of sneakers, which I can’t wait to wear very soon. To my defence, they all cost around 6 euros and because I have been training 6 days a week, I have been going through workout clothes as if there was no tomorrow. Our washing machine has constantly been running in order to provide me with enough clean clothes every day, which was just not practical. Now I have pretty much double the amount of workout clothes, which should at least last one week.
So the next trainings can come…
Today was a bit of a crazy day. My dad recently bought a monstrosity of a car – a Mehari – and we took it out for a ride to the little town for the first time today. It’s one of these crazy little cars that are made out of plastic and feel like a sort of golf cart. It also has the most horrid and cult colour – Orange! It’s so horrible that it is good again!
At first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to drive this lunatic machine, but after a little test drive on a deserted street, I was cruising around as if I had never done anything else in my life.
It was so much fun and I can’t wait to take this little monster out for another drive around town.
I have already taken out my big sunglasses and I am desperately looking for a headscarf to recreate the perfect Brigitte Bardot look while cruising around – as if I was in St.Tropez of the 1950s!
Today’s title pretty much sums up what I did today. The weather was great, I swam in the pool and I played with a doughnut floaty – I basically was an Instagram cliché par excellence!
I just had to have a doughnut floaty, it’s such an Instagram worthy accessory and I’m so happy about all the cool pictures I’m gonna take this week. Make sure to check out my Instagram account here in the next few days to see what I mean…
The time I didn’t spend in the pool or reading my book in the sun, I used to write up this update.
Right now I am writing these last few lines in my bed while everybody else is already asleep and through the open windows I can hear the frogs croak. It’s peaceful, it’s home and it feels good…
FITNESS STATUS : Doing better and excited to keep working
CURRENT WEIGHT : 67.0 kg   |   – 5 kg since #ChloeGoesSummer started!

CURRENT MOOD : I’m enjoying my vacation in the Provence – my second home

Week 4 – 5kg – here we go for week 5!
Make sure to check back in with me next week.
Have a lovely day dear!





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