#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 3

Week 3 is over and I have done so much progress…

A lot of things happened this week – I got my apartment keys, I had my first two personal trainings and I nearly hit the 5 kg mark!


It was a good and a hard week at the same time.
Training wise, I felt on top of things. Working with The White Rabbit is really paying off and I am starting to see great results, so make sure to check out my weekly physiological update at the end of this post.
On an emotional level, it was a bit of a tough week, but I am working on it and on me. I am confident it will all be ok in the end – and if it’s not ok, it’s not the end, as one of my favorite quotes says…


Today, a new chapter began.
I got the keys to my new apartment, where I will be living alone – a thing I have never done in my life before – and it was with mixed feelings that I took over the keys from my new landlord.
On one hand, I am ecstatic because it is a lovely apartment with high ceilings, wood floors and enough space to fit my studio inside, where I’ll get to film new youtube videos very soon.
On the other hand, I am leaving behind my home, my little cocoon in which I felt safe and which we had built together and which now doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t think I’ve ever had to leave a place that had so much meaning for me before and it is heartbreaking.
But now it is time to look forward – to the opportunities this new place holds and all the lovely times that will come with it.
I am excited to start looking for the right decoration and I can’t wait to make it my own and to build a new cocoon, a new home.
I’ll probably film an apartment tour once I’m settled in, so make sure to stay on the lookout and keep an eye on my YouTube channel. But don’t expect it to come too soon, I am too much of a perfectionist to let you see my new place before it’s perfect, so it might take some time…
Naturally, I also went to my training at The White Rabbit. It is starting to feel like a normal part of my day and fitting it into my schedule is becoming more and more normal.
It really helps that the location is that beautiful and that their machines basically do everything for you, except sweating of course, that’s still your job…
Tuesday was the day of my first personal training with Dario, a really cool and super nice trainer from The White Rabbit.
We went through an entire test training so that he could estimate my level of fitness, which I was a bit afraid of. We all know my fitness level had been below average only a few weeks ago, but the training I have done so far seems to have done me some good, as it went better than anticipated.
I had been afraid that doing some of the exercises would hurt my knees too much, as they are quiet sensitive when doing some movements – a little weakness I took with me from the many years of gymnastics I did in the past. As nothing seemed to be hurting me while doing the test training, I was thrilled.
Dario seemed to be quiet content with my performance too, which definitely made me happy and maybe even a little proud – I am not a total sloth after all!
Don’t worry though, I am not getting cocky, I know that I have a looong way to go to get to that bikini bod I’m dreaming of and I’m sure Dario will keep pushing me to get there.
He promised he would find out which exercises I hate the most so that he can make sure we’ll do them often and quiet honestly, I can already think of 1 or 2 that I am not a big fan of.
I should better start practicing that poker face, so he doesn’t find out which ones I hate most…
Wow, my muscles hurt!
There is such a wonderful word for this feeling in German – Muskelkater – which literally means muscle-cat. Yeah, it doesn’t really translate that well and it kinda looses it’s spark, but just trust me that it is the perfect word to describe my current bodily state.
I feel like this word should exist in the English language to describe this intense state – a situation between pain and pride for the work you have done – maybe we should just introduce muscle-cat to our vocabulary. I’m sure we can fit muscle-cat into urban dictionary, there are things like desk staging, mascary and lie-fi on there after all…
If you ever feel bored or if you want to understand what kids are saying these days, check out urbandictionary.com – a playground for cringe worthy words and interesting, but totally irrelevant definitions.
After this little escapade into another realm, let’s get back to reality.
As always, I went to my training to do my one hour of cardio training. Not an easy task with a muscle-cat so big I thought I would have to walk up the stars backwards. But I managed to pull through and felt happy and proud when I left The White Rabbit that evening.
Thursday was my training-free day, which actually didn’t happen because I didn’t feel like training, but because circumstances just wouldn’t allow it.
My boss and I were on location for a photo shoot all day, where we staged wonderful interior design shots for one of our clients. We worked very hard on getting all the props for this occasion and we were thrilled when we managed to give every room its unique look & feel.
It was a great experience and I loved seeing all the interior design trends, which has definitely given me some ideas for my new home.
The shoot took up the entire day and when we had finally packed-up all the decorations again, it was time to head to The White Rabbit’s apéritif, where we got to meet many of the club members and enjoy the lovely evening outside.
Due to the apéritif, the club had exceptionally closed at 4 pm, which – as you can see – didn’t leave me enough time to get my workout done that day. Not that I was mad about that fact, I had been carrying around props, putting up pictures and setting up and breaking down sets all day after all, which definitely counts as a workout in my books.
The evening was lovely and I had the chance to meet some of the club members I hadn’t seen before and tell them about my project, which they were all very interested about and which made me feel validated once more.
I have received quiet a few positive feedbacks from people around me. Some I knew closely and some that I hadn’t talked to in years, which made me very happy.
I got a text from a lovely friend I hadn’t spoken to in a very long time, congratulating me on taking this step, which left me with new energy and the feeling that I was doing something right.
If you are reading this and you want to let me know what you think about this project of mine, don’t hesitate to send me a message, I would honestly love to hear from you!
After Dario had – apparently – taken it easy on me on Tuesday, he decided to up his game today.
The kid gloves had definitely been taken off and the real training had started.

We – or shall I rather say I – did series of 8 x 20 seconds with 10 seconds of break in between, in which the respective exercises were performed. After every type of exercise, I got 2 minutes to catch my breath and then the next session started.
We began the training with burpees and ended it with planking, which really got me thinking that Dario had taken it easy on me in the first training. By the end of the session, I was a trembling and sweating mess – to be quiet frank – but at least I really felt as if I had given it my all.

Unfortunately, it seems that I forgot to train my poker face, as Dario clearly already found some of my least favorite exercises to perform – a fact I will probably regret very soon…

I have a confession to make – I didn’t go to my training today.
To my defence, I was moving furniture around and cleaning my new apartment the whole day, which was quiet the workout!
My mom and I got up super early today, as my new sofa was supposed to be delivered, which made me extremely excited.
We had been given a time frame, in which my wonderful, lovely grey bed sofa should have been arriving at my new place. Of course, such time frames are always very vague – 8 am to 11 am to be precise – and once the movers cam at around 9.45, I was in high spirits.
As you might have guessed by now, things didn’t quiet work out the way I had anticipated…
Once the movers had carried my – very heavy – sofa through the rain, up the stairs and to the door of my apartment, the tragedy started to unfold.
First, they didn’t manage to move the sofa through the door, which wasn’t that much of a big deal. They started opening up the box to get it out of its restraint in the corridor and planned to simply move it inside without the box.
Unfortunately, the moment they opened up the box, a beige sofa greeted me. b-e-i-g-e. B-E-I-G-E.
Once more, let that sink in – B-E-I-G-E. And now refer to my description above – a “wonderful, lovely G-R-E-Y bed sofa”.
Indeed, what was greeting me from the threshold of my apartment was definitely not what I had ordered – which, by the way, was clearly indicated on the order slip.
To say I was disappointed would be the understatement of the year. And you should have seen the faces of the movers when I told them they had brought the wrong item. Neither them nor I were happy that my much anticipated sofa had to be packed up and brought back to the store again.
The customer service lady I had on the phone only seconds later was less than helpful – as expected. Her only answer was: “We have to check where the problem happened.” “I don’t know when you’ll get your sofa.” “You have to wait till Monday, maybe Tuesday to get an answer.”
Lady, you are not helpful! I am standing here, in my empty apartment, after enough disappointments to last me the next decade, with a beige sofa I didn’t order and you are telling me to wait ’till Tuesday?!?
I wasn’t sure if I should cry or laugh hysterically.
I especially felt bad for the two guys who had carried up that monstrosity and now had to take it back. Luckily, they were very chilled and took it with a sense of humour, which made me feel less bad.
So for now, I am still sofa-less, but at least I have my lovely rug from Ikea, which I am so thrilled about!
After this little incident, my mom and I got Ish done!
We cleaned the entire kitchen from top to bottom, measured out what we had missed so far and found a wonderful chandelier for my “entrée”, which is going to look absolutely fabulous.
Besides sofa-gate, everything went super well that day!
What better way to start your Sunday than with one hour on the static bike?
Let me tell you, there is none! I mean, waking up on a beach to see the sun rise might be kinda nice, but as this was clearly not an option for me today, I took the second best thing: a training at The White Rabbit!

After having done my workout, I moved some of my belongings into my new apartment and started working on making it a home.
One tiny callosity and approximately 500 screws later, I had built my Ikea kitchen table and I felt very proud. I had done it, I had mastered the puzzle that is Ikea’s Bjursta table!

The heavy rain we encountered while carrying all sorts of things from one place to the other wasn’t really helpful, but unfortunately, I haven’t mastered weather control yet. I am working on it though and I plan to sell it to the highest bidder, but for now, we had to accept that we got drenched.

To make up for all the hard work we had done that weekend, my mom and I went to see the musical hairspray in Gümligen. It was a great show and the lead singer was absolutely fabulous! Her voice and stage presence were amazing and we had a wonderful time watching the show.
Hairspray is one of my go-to good-mood movies, which has me dancing and singing along in no time and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check it out – especially because John Travolta plays an incredible Mrs. Turnblad!

After such a busy day and enjoyable evening, I only had to get working on this update for you, which I am now finishing off.
Make sure to keep scrolling to see the physiological update and maybe leave me a little comment below, I would love to hear from you!


FITNESS STATUS : After Tuesday’s personal training: I’m getting there, it’s going good! After Thursday’s personal training: Not so sure anymore… I think I might have broken something
CURRENT WEIGHT : 67.2 kg   |   – 1 kg since last week’s update

CURRENT MOOD : I’m doing ok and I am excited to finally reach the 5 kg mark soon!

Week 3 is done guys – let’s tackle week 4!
Make sure to check back in with me next week.
Have a lovely day dear!


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