#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 2

It has now been two weeks since I officially started my #ChloeGoesSummer project and hence, here is the promised update…

If you haven’t heard about the #ChloeGoesSummer challenge yet, make sure to click on this link first and you’ll discover all the nitty-gritty details about it.
If you are a repeat visitor, welcome back!
Make sure to check out the entire blog post, as I am sharing my physiological update at the end.
As you may know, I started training at The White Rabbit Fitness Club last week, where I had one training a day, 6 days a week. At first I thought that these trainings would literally kill me. I was scared my muscles wouldn’t survive such intense usage, but I was wrong. Week two of my challenge has come and gone, leaving me feeling great. Not necessarily mentally – there’s still a long way to go – but physically.
The daily trainings have already become normal and I have to admit that the one day I have off – well – kinda feels off. Honestly, I’m still very grateful to have it, but I thoroughly enjoy going to The White Rabbit. Not only is it a beautiful place, the staff and other members are absolutely lovely too. I am amazed that the staff knows every member’s name by heart and I enjoy the fact that I start to see familiar faces of people that seem to often train at the same time as me.
I am also starting to see some results – check them out below – and that’s amazing!
So after a tough end of week 1, here goes week 2…
After feeling like I had been chewed up and spat back out for the past two days, I was astonished to feel ok today. Don’t get me wrong, waking up – and especially getting up – was still a pain, but once I went to my training, I felt halfway decent. It was a public holiday after all, so I had to be grateful and appreciate the extra weekend time I was granted.
After doing my two rounds on The White Rabbit’s milon training cycle, I met up with my girls for a drink at a super healthy and eco friendly place here in Bern. I drank my little lemon and ginger lemonade – freshly prepared of course – and didn’t let myself be tempted by all the yummy food that was presented on the buffet only a few feet away from me.
I think this kinda makes up for the fact that I ate a few M&Ms that night, while indulging in my guilty pleasure: watching The Bachelorette Switzerland on 3+.
If you are from Switzerland and you haven’t seen that show yet, you’re definitely spending your Monday nights the wrong way – believe me!
Let’s be blunt, it’s one of these shows that makes you feel better about your own life when you watch it, which is just what I need right now.
So after spending a good two hours laughing at the silly games, jokes and situations presented on this gem of swiss television, I actually went to bed with a somewhat good feeling.
To be quiet honest, I was somehow looking forward to Tuesday, because I knew that going back to work would feel like a relief.
Instead of sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself – which, by the way, never gets you anywhere – I got to work on a ton of really interesting projects, which requested my full attention and made the day go by in a blur.
I ended my day with a training at The White Rabbit, where I spent an entire hour on the static bike to get that summer body ready! Girl you gotta work work work work work!
Wednesday was a super busy day and I felt like I was constantly running everywhere. To work, to The White Rabbit, to my friend’s place to have dinner and back home to get working on this week’s youtube video.
In my video, I talked about the #ChloeGoesSummer challenge, in order to let my followers on youtube know what is going on too.
In case you feel like watching it, here it is…
Thursday was all about nutrition. I had a second meeting with Georg, who is the co-owner of The White Rabbit and who also gives me advise on how to eat better. I enjoyed the meeting, as it is clear to see that Georg has a strong passion for nutrition and fitness, which can get contagious.
What I believe is important is to know that changing your nutrition is a process and making the right decisions has to be learned. It is important to think about what you eat, but don’t make it an obsession.
I have started incorporating Georg’s tipps into my diet and I am eating healthier, but I am also cutting myself some slack sometimes. I am learning, but I have also accepted that bad habits die hard and this is why I am just trying to get better and better.
I have been doing quiet well and I am happy that it is showing in my physiological development too, which you can find at the bottom of this post…
Today was an amazing day – I had a great business meeting, went shopping for furniture with my mom, found my dream sofa and – well – it’s the weekend…
As I am moving into a new apartment, I have the chance to decide how I want everything to be decorated, which makes me as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning!
I LOVE interior design and decorating so much that I have been making Pinterest boards for all the rooms in my new flat already. Currently, my living room is the only one that has a clear theme, but I am constantly checking Pinterest to find more inspiration. If you are loving an interior design trend at the moment, let me know in the comments below – I would love to see what you like and get inspired by it!
The sun is out, the bees are flying, the birds are chirping and I am getting red – ah, it’s Summer!
Saturday was one of the loveliest days I have had in a long time.
A cute event took place in the neighbourhoods around Wabern, where the residents displayed their treasures in their gardens and garages to try and get rid of them.
My mom also participated and her stand was located within the lovely garden of my childhood friend’s house.
We sat outside, enjoyed the sun and sold some little pieces here and there, which turned out to be the perfect morning.
As I had used up my only training free day of the week on Friday already, I went by The White Rabbit to get my training done and then I ran to the city to meet one of my dear friends from university, who had come all the way from Basel to meet me.
We had a blast and it felt so nice to have a drink together and catch up again.
When you compare my mental state of today and last Sunday, they are worlds appart and there are two reasons why. Firstly, it was a lovely sunny day, which I got to spend outside for the most part – I did have to go do my 1 hour workout on the cross-trainer after all – and secondly, I was just too busy to mop around.
Update on mine and Mr. cross-trainer’s relationship – for all of you who have read last week’s update: we get along better now. I don’t think that he wants to kill me anymore, so we’re cool – for now.
As you might have heard already, I am moving into a new apartment, which – unfortunately – requires a lot of paperwork and organisation.
Plus, I had to finish writing up this blog post, which is currently eating up my entire Sunday evening. Note to self: writing up your days as you go is easier than having to do it all last minute – huh, kinda like doing your homework or studying for exams – I knew I was in trouble…
All in all, it was a good week and I am excited to share my updated physiological status with you, so keep scrolling!


FITNESS STATUS : Getting better! I don’t think I am that bad anymore.
CURRENT WEIGHT : 68.2 kg   |   – 1.1 kg since the last update

CURRENT MOOD : Doing fine and looking forward to the upcoming summer days.

Here we go, week 3 is upon us and I am excited!
See you again for next weeks update.
Have a lovely day dear!

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