#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 18


I am currently simultaneously writing three updates at the same time, as I have been so busy the past couple of weeks, that I simply didn’t get to write them…
As I was so busy with work and different events, I didn’t actually find the time to go training this week, but there was still a lot that was going on to write an update about. I also did stick to my “diet”, hence, the scale was quite happy by the end of the week – or at least it wasn’t mad at me…
With as much as one huge presentation and two big events coming up next week, I had quite the work on my plate. In order not to forget anything, I decided to make to-do-lists for every project. I love me a good list. Give me something I can cross-off the work I have done already and I’m happy.
On Tuesday, the PKZ Fashion Night took place in the PKZ Women store in Bern. It was a lovely event with tons of fun activities and a cool fashion show. I decided to capture the event in a short film, so check it out below…
Besides working on our big launch and another event I am organizing for PKZ, we were also shooting the pictures for the online store of De Marquet – you know, just on the side, no biggie…
Taking pictures of all the different items in every color available turned out to be quite the struggle, but we are so happy with the result that it was definitely worth it. I was also working on getting all the names, prices, descriptions and all other information sorted for the online store and you might very well have to put me in a mental asylum by the end of next week.
By now, our online shop is actually live and you can find it under www.demarquet.ch.
On Saturday, my friend Laura and I decided to go to the Mykonos party at the Kursaal in Bern. Everybody was dressed in white, which gave the entire room an eerie feeling and it was quite an enjoyable night all in all.
The atmosphere was great, the music fun and the people dressed to the nines. But I have to say that I’m really not used to going out like that anymore and actually having to deal with drunk and weird men simply annoys the heck out of me. I mean, I was asked to join a man in the bathroom for some “fun” – what the heck is wrong with guys like that?!? Do they honestly think I’m gonna say “oh my, sure, that sounds like fun!” – NO! Absolutely not!
What a ridiculous concept!
This honestly made me think. Are there women out there that actually accept such proposals? Especially from a guy that they have met a mere 5 minutes before? And if yes, why?
I guess it’s everybody’s own decision to make, but I definitely made sure to let that “gentleman” know very quickly that this was absolutely not going to happen with me, which shut him up fast enough.
Besides this little encounter, I also had the joy to get acquainted with the heel of a very drunk girl who stepped on my foot so hard that it is still blue now – two weeks after the party.
Accidental or not, this was the most painful foot-stepping I have ever experienced – thank you very much drunk lady.
All in all,  this party was a complete success I guess…
Sunday was really just about recuperating. I didn’t actually have a hangover – how that happened I have no idea, there were definitely enough Gin Tonics involved that night – and I was immensely happy about that. Both, the non-existent hangover and the Gin Tonics…
I made myself the best avocado toast breakfast, enjoyed the sun and tried to figure out how the dating world has evolved since the last time I was single – ten years ago… Not that these contemplations brought me to any good conclusion. I guess only time will tell what I’ll make of that weird and scary world I have been re-immersed into, but one thing is certain, I will NEVER join you on a public bathroom…

1) The girls and I at the PKZ Fashion Night in Bern 2) Yes, this is my apartment – aka. the studio 3) Laura and I at the Mykonos Party at the Kursaal Bern 4) And us again, but on the most unflattering picture of me ever. I still wanted to share this picture, because the quality is so much better, but to make sure you know I’m not actually back at my original weight from four months ago, I put in picture 3 as proof…Just – you know – to make sure.

FITNESS STATUS : Need to get back to training soon.
CURRENT WEIGHT : 63.1 kg   |   +0.0 kg since last week. No change to be seen here.
CURRENT MOOD : Just very busy, but I guess this keeps me going.
I am continuing to write next week’s update right now, so keep your eyes on my blog, as the next update will follow very soon…
Have a lovely day dear!

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