#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 15

This week was filled with work, work and more work…


I had so much work this week that the time literally went by in a blur. I worked on a million different projects – or at least it felt like that – and also went to my trainings. It was quiet exhausting and there is absolutely nothing interesting I could possibly tell you about the first three days of this week, so let’s just skip them…


Thursday was the first day that I felt like I actually lived again.
I had a “sushi date” with one of my best friends – Laura – and couldn’t wait to finally have sushi again. During my detox diet, I wasn’t allowed to eat these delicious treats and I missed them dearly. Sushi is one of my favorite things to eat and there is one restaurant in Bern I always go to: Nooch.

Thursday night really was a treat. Nooch has recently changed their menu and has added a few very exotic mixes, such as a mediterranean chicken or crunchy prawn roll. They call it the Secret Sushi Generation and they are absolutely delicious!

Laura and I enjoyed our plates of sushi and had a lovely girls talk – all I needed after such an exhausting week…


As I had mentioned last week, I am working for a new fashion brand called DeMarquet, which will be launched in September. I have been working on preparing the photo shooting for the brand’s first collection that will be taking place this Sunday.
I was already super excited for Sunday and I couldn’t wait to see all our products on the lovely model we had chosen!

In the evening I had another dinner-date with one of my lovely friends – Meli. I had suggested to go to Kung Fu Burgers in Bern, as they have some of the most delicious burgers you have ever seen. I am very aware that a burger doesn’t really have a space on my current nutrition plan, but as I had had such an exhausting week, I decided to treat myself.

I have to say that the last 2-3 weeks have been rather difficult. If you’ve read my previous weekly updates, you know that it has been quite a roller coaster and I have been feeling a bit bummed. I can’t really tell you why I was feeling that way, I was just feeling weird without having a good explanation for it. I mean, I do know why I feel that way, but there is really nothing I can do about the situation, so I just have to deal with it…

All I can actually do to feel better is to spend time with my friends and try to create distractions. I have mostly been quite good at this. I make sure to always have something to do or somewhere to go, but sometimes, I unfortunately fail. There are moments where the minute you have nothing to do, you start thinking too much and you fall down a rabbit hole.

Thank goodness I have awesome friends, great parents and a boss that rocks that always get me out of my funk and remind me that there are better things to do than to sulk in a corner…


As I had been working a lot during the week and I was dead tired, I decided to just sleep. I mean, I didn’t sleep all day, I did get up and go to my training, but once I was home again, I literally just ate something and went right back to bed.

I basically had a “netflix & chill” day – except I have no netflix and there was no “chill” involved either…If that hasn’t made you smile – or smirk at least – you probably don’t know what netflix & chill means. If that’s the case, urban dictionary could be an entertaining read for you. I always come across very interesting definitions on this website and it really doesn’t cease to amaze me…


Sunday was the big day of the photo shoot and I couldn’t have been more excited!
We had a beautiful model, great weather and wonderful products – all you need for the perfect photo shoot!

We had to be at the TRUST Studio in Niederwangen by 8 am – which definitely is too early for a Sunday morning – and we started with the fitting of the outfits right away. Our team had done an amazing job preparing the clothes and the fitting went amazingly well.
Justin Julia – our model – was not only pretty, but also super sweet, which just made her so much more beautiful and we were so happy to have chosen her for our collection.

As soon as her fitting and makeup was done, we headed out to the shooting location, which was a very futuristic building, made out of glass & concrete. It was the perfect backdrop for our shots and gave us the opportunity to put the focus on our products.

We were able to showcase our bags, cashmere and leather pieces and jewelry in a perfect way, which we were so happy about.

I can’t wait to show you the first pictures of our products very soon! I have to say that I am so in love with our collection and I literally want EVERYTHING!
I have already started making a list of items I would like to get for myself, but it basically consists of our entire product range! I might have to cut that down – just maybe…

Overall, this week has been a roller coaster again – I think I should probably just stick with that title every week – but I really hope that a better time lies ahead…

1) A little no-makeup-selfie, because – why not?!? 2) The perfect shooting location 3) Another training done! 4) Hi healthy food

FITNESS STATUS : Had such a busy week & went to my trainings – it felt like double the workout
CURRENT WEIGHT : 64 kg   |   +0.2 kg since last week’s update – kinda frustrating
CURRENT MOOD : A bit stressed and a little annoyed with the results of this week, but I’m keeping my head up and I’m ready for next week…

Well, this week was a bit stressful and the next couple weeks will probably be a bit the same, as we have so much going on at work. I hope I’ll be able to stick to my training schedule and that I’ll be able to stick to my diet better again. I have high hopes!

Make sure to check back in with me next week to see how it went…

Have a lovely day dear!



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