#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 14

Another week has come and gone and it turned out to be a bit like the one before…
Funnily enough, my weeks seem to resemble roller coaster rides lately – they come with a lot of ups & downs and I feel slightly sick to my stomach when they’re over…

This week wasn’t any different. It started on a low, but luckily ended on a high, which makes me very optimistic for the week that lays ahead of me.

I have to admit that I have had some trouble sticking to my food and workout plan this week, but I’m determined to get back on track again from today on. I have achieved so much already – I mean I did loose 8kg in 3 months, which is definitely amazing – but I want to keep going.

Honestly though, it’s ok to have a little low or a bad day every once in a while. We aren’t machines and we can’t always keep on track 100%. What’s really important is to get back up again and keep going. But before I get ahead of myself and start telling you about week 15 and my new found motivation, make sure to check out what happened during week 14…

Monday was all about that food.
I was so excited to finally be able to eat normal again, I even got excited to have fish for dinner – something that is usually rather rare. I can appreciate a good fish, but it isn’t the first thing I would pick on a menu, if I have a choice…
Of course I was a good girl and went to my training at The White Rabbit. I spent 45 minutes on the static bike and watched YouTube videos, which has honestly become my absolute favorite thing to do when I’m at my training. It helps me focus on something else than the workout I’m doing and I can actually kinda relax.
The only problem is that I’m literally up-to-date on every channel I’m subscribed to – and I am subscribed to A LOT of channels! I have recently started watching Buzzfeed’s YouTube channels and have really enjoyed their lighthearted content.
They make their staff try all sorts of crazy activities and products, which creates the perfect little videos to watch while sitting on your static bike.

Some of their videos are really hilarious and I often have to keep myself from laughing out loud. I had to cover a little laugh attack with a cough at The White Rabbit the other day and barely managed to pull it off, but I think the guy that was training close by had his earphones on and was hopefully blasting his own content – crisis averted – puh, that would have been embarrassing otherwise…


On Tuesday, I decided that it was time to head to my apartment and start sorting out some more things. As I’ve said last week, I have to finally put everything in place and start living there. I have been avoiding this step for quiet a while now, because I didn’t feel like I could actually do it, but I think the time has come to finally do it.

As I don’t want to be moving into a mess, I wanted to head over there and clean up a bit more. I have decided that I’m only going to keep what I really still want and need. No more stuff that clutters my space, no more clothes that don’t fit or that you think “I’ll wear again one day” because – let’s face it – that day will never come.

So I headed there, feeling quiet good about my plan, until I walked inside my apartment and heard it.
There was a person playing the piano – and don’t get me wrong, he/she played it really well – but I heard EVERYTHING. At the same time, the person that lives above me decided that moving his/her chair around was a great idea too and I started to slightly panic / have a mental breakdown.

In order for you to understand, I need to tell you that in my previous apartment building you didn’t hear anything. Nothing. Niet. Nada.
You could literally have the TV on super loud, leave the apartment, close the door behind you and you would hear absolutely nothing.

I am aware that I was very spoiled previously and I really had a bit of a hard time coping with the fact that I would hear everything my neighbours do – and vice versa – from now on. I had a little cry and called my mom – cause that’s what you do in such situations – and only 20 minutes later she was there to help me calm down and get going on putting my stuff away again.

I haven’t actually lived there yet, so I don’t know how I’m going to feel about it once I actually spend more time there, but I’ll make sure to share my thoughts and feelings with you.

In the meantime, I put on my own music to help ignore all the noises I was hearing and tried to get back into a positive mind set. One of my friends pointed out that at least I would know I wasn’t alone – way to think positive, I guess…


Some days just suck and they often seem to be Wednesdays.
I don’t know why, but poor Wednesday is turning out to be my least favorite day of the week. It used to be ranked so high up during my school days – we used to always have Wednesday afternoons off – but it really is starting to loose it’s charm.

Facebook wasn’t on my side that day. You know how during or after a breakup you should really just take a break from seeing anything on Facebook that concerns your ex, but you’re often too masochistic to do what’s best for you. Yeah – that.

Facebook even offers you the choice to “take a break” from seeing anything your former partner is posting, sharing or tagging, but that little devil sitting on your shoulder just doesn’t allow you to actually do it. Because where would the fun be in that?!?
You prefer to ignore the little angel on your other shoulder that tells you that you would be so much better off if you wouldn’t see anything that’s going on. But again, you decide to ignore it and then you get sad and hurt when something pops up that you didn’t want to see. Yeah – that too.

So lessons learned from today: listen to the little angel that’s now kinda pissed at you and is thinking “I told you so” or deal with the consequences if you choose to follow the little devil down his path…

Unfortunately, Dario – my trainer at The White Rabbit – is currently on holiday, meaning that I have to train by myself this week. I have – of course – been doing it, but a training you do on your own is never as thorough and good as when you train with your coach. No matter how much I want to perform well on my own, I will never be able to push myself that far. There is a reason to have a personal trainer after all and once you’ve had a lesson with one, you’ll understand. It just makes you push yourself that little bit further, where you would just cut yourself some slack otherwise…

So even though Dario wasn’t here, I went to my training, warmed up on the cross-trainer and did the milon cycle two times. I love doing the milon cycles because every part of the exercise is timed and you know exactly what to do and how long to do it for.
Every machine is individually programmed for you – you only have to insert your member card and you’re ready to go!
One cycle takes 17.5 minutes and it honestly feels like even less, but don’t think it’s easy, it will get you sweating and breathing heavily – I promise!


These past couple of weeks have been super busy at work, as so much has been going on.
I actually work for a communication and fashion firm – in case you didn’t know – and we not only do PR and events for other companies, but are actually also just in the process of launching our first collection.

The new brand I am working for is called DeMarquet and we will be selling beautiful handmade accessories, made in Italy. There are wonderful leather bags, cashmere and suede accessories and really cute jewellery pieces as well and I can’t wait to show them to you, once they are officially launched!

In the meantime, make sure to check out our Facebook page here and our Instagram account here.

After working on this and many other projects all day, I spent a lovely evening with my friends, celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays. It was such a wonderful evening and it was so nice to have all the girls – and two guys – together to celebrate!
This Saturday, I went to the Street Parade for the first time and it was a crazy good experience!

The Street Parade is one of the biggest techno parades in Europe and it takes place in Zurich every year. It is said that there were around one million people in Zurich that weekend to celebrate freedom, love and tolerance by partying all day and night. There were huge Lovemobiles on which DJs performed and people danced until the wee hours of the night.

We didn’t party on a bus – a fact I am actually quite happy about, because I’m just not about that life – but we had an amazing time nevertheless.
Our group of girls dressed up in lumberjack shirts and partied in the streets of Zurich the entire afternoon. We had so much fun – we were an amazing group, the atmosphere was fantastic and the weather was absolutely wonderful – sunny and 28 °C – which actually turned out to be my undoing…

I ended up catching a minor sunstroke and had to stay home in the evening, after only a few hours of Street Parade fun. I promise I didn’t drink too much. I clearly know my limits and I wasn’t even close to them, but the sun really fried me like a little egg and I was in bed with a huge headache and a sick feeling in my tummy by nine o’clock that night.

Initially, the plan was to go out to a reggaeton party after the parade, which I had been looking forward to all week. It did make me a little bit sad that I had to stay in bed, but I did have an awesome afternoon at the Street Parade, which was definitely worth it! You should check out my little collage below to see a few impressions of that crazy day!

I slept over at my friend Delia’s place and unfortunately, it was so loud in the streets that we could barely sleep. We were both very happy when the party-goers finally shut up and the clubs turned off their music at around 8 am, after the sun came out…


Sunday was all about recuperation.
After having had too much sun and not enough peaceful sleep, Delia and I headed to brunch with the other girls. We had the most wonderful, appetising, beautiful breakfast, after which we felt as if we would rather roll than walk out of the restaurant.

We headed to the river and just lay in the shade for a few hours, enjoying the warm temperatures, calm environment and beautiful ambience.

Unfortunately, the evening came way too soon and I had to head back to Bern again. The only thing I was excited about: my bed!

FITNESS STATUS : Missed a few trainings, due to my cray cray schedule this week, but next week I’ll be back on track!
CURRENT WEIGHT : 63.8 kg   |   -0 kg since last week’s update – not bad, but not good either…
CURRENT MOOD : Happy after that awesome weekend and looking forward to next week!

This week was a bit of a smaller rollercoaster than the one before, there were still some ups and downs, but I feel like next week will be much better. This weekend has really pulled my mood up a few notches and I hope it will be smooth sailing from here on…

Make sure to check back in with me next week to see how it all went!

Have a lovely day dear!


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