#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 13

This week was filled with highs & lows, it nearly made me feel like I was stuck on a rollercoaster…

There were days that were fantastic and others – well let’s say I wouldn’t mind not having to re-live them again. Some of the though patches I encountered had to do with my detox diet that was slowly starting to seriously annoy the heck out of me – and some things were of a more emotional nature.

Lately, I have been wondering who actually reads my updates and what kind of emotion the retelling of my daily adventures evokes in the people that read my texts. Of course I’ve had a few people come up to me or text me about my blog posts, but otherwise, I have no idea who you are and how you feel about my storytelling. I’m not sure whether my ramblings make sense to you and whether you can feel the emotion I want to portray. I hope you do and I hope you can feel how honest and open I am about my feelings.

I can honestly say that I quite regularly make myself cry when I write these updates. It’s pretty much the only time I let myself be taken over by my thoughts and feelings entirely, because throughout the week, I make sure I have no down-time – no time to think. I keep busy and occupied so that I don’t have to hear what’s going on in my brain. But when I write these updates, I let my thoughts roam and more often than not, I end up with tears slowly streaming down my face.

This might sound really stupid or horrible to you, but it’s actually quite therapeutic for me. A really good and very wise friend of mine once said that writing everything down helps you gain perspective. I didn’t believe her at the time, but I have come to the conclusion that she was right. It might hurt while doing it, but in the end, it also helps you figure out what the heck is going on in your mind. So if you’re facing something that you can’t quite wrap your head around, try writing it down, it might help…

If you have been following my little #ChloeGoesSummer adventure, let me know. I would love to hear from you and get to know who my audience actually is. Just head over to one of my social media channels and leave me a little comment or message – that would really make my day. Or if you know me personally, just send me a little text…
If you’re new here and you’re now completely confused, I invite you to check out all the previous #ChloeGoesSummer updates – there’s quiet a selection by now and I can assure you, you’ll understand after reading them…
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Wow, 13 weeks already…Who would have thought I would come such a long way in this time. I’ve lost more than 8kg, changed my life completely and regained some of the happiness I had lost along the way – Not too bad I’d say. So let’s see what happened this week, shall we?
Monday was August 1st, Switzerland’s national holiday, which meant that my parents arranged a huge barbecue with friends to celebrate this special day. Unfortunately, that meant that I was watching how they ate the most delicious looking meat I have seen in forever and as I was still on my vegan detox diet, there was no meat for Chloé. No wonder that made Chloé a grumpy cat…

It was quiet tough, but my mom had very kindly bought some kind of vegan “grill meat” for me, which actually turned out to be quiet tasty. No comparison to the wonderful lamb they had, but still quiet ok, considering there was actually no meat in this “meat”.

The worst, however, certainly was the desert – an ice cream parfait that just looked freakin fabulous. I have to admit that I did steal a little bite of that, I just couldn’t resist. I was actually lucky enough that my stomach didn’t give me any trouble, which I was very grateful about.

The weather was absolutely lovely and I was very happy to be able to watch all the wonderful fireworks from our house, even though it felt kinda weird too. I think fireworks generally have that effect. They are beautiful and can be very celebratory, but I also feel like they can make you pensive and lead you to really take a moment to assess your current situation and your feelings. It was a bit of a bitter sweet experience for me, but in the end I just decided to focus on the beauty of the moment and forget about all the little clouds in the back of my head. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the things that shine bright at that moment and so I aawwed and ooowwed when the glitter shot into the sky over our beautiful capital…

Tuesday turned out to be one of the busiest days I’ve had at work in a long time. I literally worked until 11 at night, only taking a break to go train with Dario at The White Rabbit and to eat dinner. Hence, there is really not much I can tell you about Tuesday, except that I now officially hate skipping ropes.

Dario made me skip rope for two minutes between every exercise and honestly, this skipping rope had it in for me. I would get stuck in it with my feet every now and then and – let me tell you – that thing is brutal! I felt like I was hit by a whip every time I got caught in it with my feet. Talking about 50 shades, I was seriously starting to fear I would get out of there with small welts on my back, legs and butt! It wasn’t actually that bad, but you get the picture… 😉

It was quiet a tough training though, because of the change between high intensity rope skipping and strength training that Dario put me through. I can honestly say I was relieved once the last round was done and I could head home to my – vegan – dinner.

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

I cannot wait for Saturday to come along, because it means that I can finally eat normal again. I honestly don’t know how people do it that eat like this every day of their life and I can sincerely say that I couldn’t do it – no chance.

Living vegan for 20 days is all I can take and I have an internal countdown to know when I can finally eat normal again. Meat, bread, cheese – ah, all these beautiful things will be on my plate again very soon and I cannot wait!

There were crabs and bears involved is all I’m saying…

If you are a regular visitors of my blog, you might have heard that before. It’s two exercises that Dario, my coach at The White Rabbit, likes to make me do. Basically, you sort of imitate the way these creatures walk and let me tell you, it looks ridiculous. At least that’s what I think. I’ve never actually been able to watch myself perform the exercise so I can’t really be sure, but as I have to walk on all fours with my butt up high in the air for the bear, I can imagine quite vividly that it must be absolutely ridiculous to look at.

I really want to film one of my workouts with Dario once – as proof to you that I’m actually working out and to show you how ridiculous these two exercises are. I can promise you one thing though, I do NOT look pretty after my personal training lessons. Sticky hair and a red face are not a good look…

Friday morning felt like that part of the rollercoaster where you are pulled up a huge ramp before the big drop – you know exactly that once you’re at the top, it will inevitably be going downhill afterwards and you’ll feel as if your stomach wants to show you what you ate for breakfast.

I knew I had to go by my – or rather our – former apartment to pick up a few things and saying that I felt sick to my stomach would be the understatement of the year. It hit me hard, right in the guts. It’s not my home anymore and this nearly broke my heart all over again.

Unfortunately, I am a person who doesn’t just get attached to people, I get attached to places too. I connect places to memories and feel very strongly when I have to leave a place that has meant a lot to me, so leaving this place that was my home for the past three years and that was so important to me really hurt. Seeing the place like it is now – without all my things and my furniture inside – was one of the worst things I’ve had to deal with lately. It was so final.

But it was probably for the best. It has given me a bit of a kick in the butt and it will hopefully encourage me to sort my apartment out and finally move in. I have still been living at my parents place for the past couple of weeks because I just couldn’t bring myself to move in yet. I found all sorts of excuses why the apartment wasn’t ready yet, but quite honestly, I was the one that wasn’t ready.

I’m still a bit afraid that it will feel horrible to sleep there for the first time, but I guess at one point I’ll have to face my fear and just take the bull by the horns…

Thank goodness I was invited to a beer pong tournament that evening – that really helped turn this day around! I had never played beer pong before and I wasn’t drinking alcohol because of my detox diet, but it was still a lot of fun. I definitely sucked at beer pong – my aim was way off and we dropped out of the tournament after only one round – but at least I was jumping after ping pong balls and laughing my ass off by the end of the day and all bad feelings were forgotten by the time the ping pong ball hit our last red cup…

The last day of my vegan detox diet has finally arrived!

I had such a spring in my step today, it was nearly annoying. I woke up and went to my training with so much enthusiasm it was honestly not quite normal. I spent half an hour on Mr. Cross-trainer – we are friends now, by the way – and another half an hour on the static bike – my all time BFF. I felt good, I was motivated, I even had fun! Ha – what knowing you’re on the last day of your 20 day diet can do to you – fantastic!

Once I was done with my training, I headed home to enjoy the lovely weather and soon it was time to get ready to go visit my godfather and his lovely wife. I hadn’t seen them in forever and was so excited to be having dinner with them.

They had prepared a delicious meal and had even taken the time to prepare something that would respect my detox diet’s limitations. But once the desert was served, I couldn’t resist joining the others in their normal menu. They had made a meringue with cream and fresh berries. Honestly, you would be a fool to turn this dessert down – and as I am no fool, I went for it.

IT WAS DELICIOUS! And I felt like eating a desert on the very last day, only a few minutes / hours away from midnight was ok. I mean, it was Sunday somewhere on this planet, right?!? So technically I didn’t cheat – too much.

Either way, it was totally worth it and I was so happy the 20 days were officially over that I really didn’t care.

I had eggs for breakfast – and toast! TOAST! OMG, life is good!

You should have seen my face at the breakfast table this morning. Not only was the weather wonderful and we were eating outside – no – there was cheese, bread, jam and eggs on the table. And I was allowed to eat it all!

Wow, I honestly felt like it was Christmas and my birthday at the same time. I have never looked forward to eating a simple breakfast egg so much.

This detox diet has really been quiet the challenge for me. I am proud that I managed to stick to it for the 20 days it lasted, but I am so relieved that I can finally eat normal again.

After this “decadent” breakfast, I went to The White Rabbit to do my two milon cycles and headed straight to the Marzili – the public pool in Bern – afterwards. I had the most lovely and chill afternoon with my girls there and even got to finally eat an ice cream from the Gelateria di Berna.

After going to the opening of their fourth location in Bern last week and not being able to taste any of their ice creams due to my detox diet, I really went for it today. I even tried one of their more adventurous flavours – Cucumber & Mint – and absolutely loved it! It was so fresh and delicious, especially in combination with my all time favorite – Mare di Nutella.

If you have never gone to the Gelateria di Berna, you are seriously missing out and you should definitely head there asap if you are in Bern once – it’s a dream!

This #SundayFunday ended with a lovely dinner at my parents’ place with salad, grilled eggplants & a few pieces of sausage – what more do you need?!?

1) A picture of a sky, because I’m so poetic | 2) One of my breakfast smoothies – delicious! | 3) Me trying to be cute AF | 4) The wonderful salad my godfather’s wife made – including a beautiful flower | 5) After my personal training with Dario – dead but happy | 6) Just me casually enjoying the sunny weather | 7) Oh hi! | 8) The last pill I had to take! | 9) Me trying to master beer pong – and failing miserably


FITNESS STATUS : Doing fine – I think…
CURRENT WEIGHT : 63.8 kg   |   +0.3 kg since last week’s update. I ate way more than usual and even though it was all healthy stuff, you can still see the difference on the scale…
CURRENT MOOD : A bit bummed out about the fact I actually gained weight this week – admittedly only a few hundred grams, but still. I’m looking forward to eating normal again and I hope I’ll be able to get back on track next week.

Wow, this was quiet the rollercoaster ride. Let’s hope next week will be filled with escalators that only go up so that I won’t need to encounter any downward movement. I will be going to the Street Parade in Zurich next week and I have never been before, so that might turn out to be quiet an interesting experience. Make sure to check back in with me next week to see how that and the rest of the week went. Until then…
Have a lovely day dear!



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