#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 12

Another week, another update…

12 weeks have passed since I started the #ChloeGoesSummer challenge with The White Rabbit and I couldn’t be happier about the journey this has already taken me on.

Not only was I able to loose more than 8kg with the training at The White Rabbit, I have also experienced so many things that have been so much fun. I can honestly say that I’ve started living again and this week was just like that – full of life, energy & positivity – so here goes the update…

Can’t we just all agree that Mondays aren’t necessary? I mean, who really needs that day?
I really have nothing interesting to tell you about Monday, so let me just remind you to check out all previous weeks of the #ChloeGoesSummer challenge, if you haven’t done so yet…
On Tuesday I got back into the personal training lessons at The White Rabbit with Dario. As I had started my detox diet a week ago and wasn’t really feeling up for intense training, we took a small break, but this week we got right back on track. No more chilling, it’s time to work!
I think Tuesday’s training was one of my favorite trainings I’ve had so far, even though it was structured in my least favorite fashion, where the exercises are grouped together in 4 cycles, meaning that you don’t just get to do every exercise once and then it’s done – no – you have to do every damn thing over and over again. Nevertheless, it was an awesome training and somehow I felt as if I accomplished more than I could have done only a few weeks ago. Then again, that’s kinda the purpose of training so much and if I wouldn’t improve, that would be rather sad. Luckily, I feel as if I can do more every time and seeing the improvements really motivates me.
I started with the initial goal to loose 5kg, which I have already surpassed. This and the fact that I am feeling so much better about myself, makes me feel so happy. I am so grateful for The White Rabbit, who made this possible for me. I would have never been able to do this without the little kick in the butt they give me and I can’t wait to set new goals for myself now.
I don’t think I have a specific weight I want to reach, but rather a state of confidence and self-love I want to obtain. It honestly still baffles me that I was able to make this change happen. I used to always see those girls who lost all that extra weight and turned their life around and I used to think that I could never be that girl. But now I am.
I will never be super skinny, because honestly, me and food, that’s true love, but I am getting to a point where I am truly happy with who I am and how I look.

If you are in the situation where you don’t believe in yourself and you doubt you will be able to turn your life around, I just want to tell you two things: It isn’t as hard as you think and you are stronger than you believe. So do it!

Thursday marked the half-way-point of my detox diet. Ten days have passed since I started this detox and 10 more are waiting for me to conquer them. It has been going quiet good so far. I’ve eaten a whole lot of vegetables, exchanged my usual dessert options with fruit and lived to tell the tale. But to be perfectly honest, I am looking forward to getting back to my normal diet, where a little bit of cottage cheese with my veggies is ok or where I can indulge in the occasional ice cream too, if I don’t go overboard. Nevertheless, it has been a really good experience so far and it has showed me that I can be tougher with myself than I thought possible.
Thursday also came with another personal training lesson at The White Rabbit with Dario, my coach, and let me tell you, this was a tough one. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never had a training with Dario that was easy – that would kinda defeat the purpose of this whole one-on-one training – but this Thursday’s workout session was just a tad bit harder than any I’ve done before.
We trained in another area of the gym for once, which meant that there were other tools to use as well. I had to do “fake” pull-ups, where you squat down and then try to pull yourself up with your arms, but you actually help yourself with your legs too – because let’s face it, I’m weak AF and could never do that without cheating.
A few weeks ago, I’ve made the mistake to tell Dario that one of my least favorite exercises was the side plank and he has made sure to incorporate it whenever he can – thanks mate!
This training was one of the hardest, but also one of the best at the same time, which seems a little ironic, but also shows me that I have come a long way since starting this project. I’m really happy with the change I have already gone through in this short time and I can’t wait to keep working on improving further.
But just so you know what I mean when I say this training was hard, I am writing this blog post on Sunday – so 3 days later – and I still have quiet a few places where my muscle cat is going strong. Lifting bags is still a pain, as I can’t actually fully straighten my arms yet.
If you don’t know what a muscle cat is, where have you been living? You’ve been missing THE trend word of all trend words and urban dictionary would be ashamed of you! Jokes aside, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, make sure to read up on my #ChloeGoesSummer series – you’ve been missing stuff! 😉
Friday was the perfect introduction to the weekend. Not only did I spend the entire afternoon at the local pool with friends and enjoyed the lovely weather, I also went to the opening of the new Gelateria di Berna outlet at the Pestalozzistrasse 1 in Bern. This is already the fourth location they have now opened in Bern and a visit is always wort the – usually – long queue.
If you have never gone to the Gelateria di Berna, you are seriously missing out and you should rectify this asap. They offer a variety of fabulous and very special flavours, such as Caramel Fleur de Sel, Tiramisu and Mare di Nutella, which are only a few of my favorites!
Unfortunately, as I am still on my detox diet, I couldn’t actually taste any of the fabulous gelati, but I will be coming back as soon as the 20 days are over – Nutella ice cream, you are mine!
Saturday turned out to be one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.
I was invited by the Visa LibertyCard to go on a day trip and discover Switzerland with them. I was able to choose where I wanted to go and I decided to take that opportunity to visit Zurich. I’ve always wanted to discover more of this city and so I was excited to spend an entire day there with one of my best friends Delia.
I will be making an entire post dedicated to this little trip, so make sure to check back in with me soon to see what we got up to. I will be linking the post here once it is available. Meanwhile, let me give you a small insight into the Visa LibertyCard.
The Visa LibertyCard is an internationally accepted Visa card, which offers great advantages, especially when travelling. Every time you use your Visa LibertyCard, you can collect Liberty-points, which can later be traded in for attractive bonuses, such as travel vouchers for hotels, train rides and more. It also features the contactless payment option, which I personally love, as it makes paying smaller amounts when you’re on the go so much easier. You simply hold your card against the payment terminal and your transaction is done – genius!
If you would like to find out more about the Visa LibertyCard, make sure to click on this link here or follow this link to order your personal Visa LibertyCard now.
Sunday was a bit of a lazy day for me – once you’ll check out my post about Saturday’s Zurich adventures, you’ll understand why. Let’s say that having fun can make you sooo sleepy…but don’t forget, I’m still on my 20 day detox diet, so there was no junk food or alcohol involved, just a bunch of interesting people, an amazing summer day and a freakin’ cool city!
Unfortunately, the weather gods decided that Sunday shouldn’t follow Saturday’s lead. Instead of sunshine and warm temperatures, we got rain and a chilly breeze. I might be wrong, but I think whoever is giving out the memos about which season we are currently in, accidentally sent out the Autumn memo a few weeks too early – you know, just like you sometimes write down an appointment in the wrong month in your calendar. People, please do your job for goodness’ sake! 😉
Whatever happened, the weather wasn’t on our side today. I had dreamed of spending another few hours in sunny Zurich, but unfortunately, that literally fell into the water. Or into puddles, if we’re being precise.
So instead of chilling in Zurich, I headed back home, where I literally arrived two minutes before a huge thunderstorm broke loose.
Sunday night consisted of a lovely dinner with my parents, a bit of YouTube and writing up this week’s update for you, which is always something I enjoy. I am now writing up the last lines and I will be heading to bed soon, but not before I tell you this: my muscles still hurt from Thursday’s training with Dario – the muscle cat is going strong!



FITNESS STATUS : Considering I still have muscle pain 3 days after my training, maybe not so good – or maybe that just never goes away, even if you keep training?
CURRENT WEIGHT : 63.5 kg   |   -0.4 kg since last week’s update

So guys, this was week 12. Some hard training, some awesome times in Zurich and a whole lot of detox diet friendly food…Off we go for week 13!
Have a lovely day dear!



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