#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 11

I have started a detox cure and I’ve had to live vegan for a week – now let me tell you about that experience…

A little while ago, the The White Rabbit team suggested I should try a detox cure, during which I would only eat fruits and vegetables, drink a ton of water and take natural supplements to give my body a thorough cleanse.
Now let me tell you, when I heard I was supposed to live 100% vegan for 20 days, I nearly dropped off my chair. I have reduced the amount of animal products I consume since starting the #ChloeGoesSummer project, but I have always kept a small amount in my diet so far, because I just couldn’t imagine living without eggs, cheese or even a piece of chicken. It’s just too good!
Unfortunately, for this 20 day detox cure to work, I’ve had to ban all types of animal products from my diet entirely – a task I thought would be rather difficult. Now let’s see how that went for me this week…
Monday marked the starting point of my three week detox diet and hence, I had to start taking the capsules which are supposed to be detoxing me – or however else you call what they do.
I have 6 different capsules I need to take throughout the day, which seemed like a whole lot to me. I had some small difficulties keeping the rhythm of taking a capsule every 2-3 hours going and the size of these buggars wasn’t that helpful either. As I am not a fan of swallowing big capsules, doing so six times a day seemed like a challenge at first, but I actually got used to it after a while.

I didn’t really notice much, I didn’t feel sick or weird – a fact I am very grateful about. So far, so good.


If you know me, you know I have a massive sweet tooth. I. LOVE. SWEETS. But unfortunately, everything I usually love is off limits at the moment. I knew going into this detox diet that not being able to nibble on a piece of chocolate or an ice cream could potentially drive me nuts. What I didn’t know was that it would start so soon.

By day two, I was already missing my little sweet treats. Thank god it’s summer at the moment and there are so many delicious fruits around that made up for the lack of artificial sweetness I was encountering. As I am writing this nearly a week later, I unfortunately have to tell you that it still sucks. I still miss having a nice little ice cream or a piece of chocolate – especially because I know my mom is hiding some Toffiffee from me in the kitchen downstairs – but I am proud of myself for staying clear of all the things I’m not allowed to.

Ok, I have to admit that I do stay away from these things because my trainer told me I would most likely get sick if I didn’t – but nevertheless, it requires a lot of willpower from me, something I was never really good at having before. This detox diet is turning out to be more than just a physical challenge…

Well, I don’t really know what to write about Wednesday. I don’t know how much I should or want to share with you. But as I have been honest with you since day one of this challenge, it would feel wrong to change this now.

If you have been here since the beginning of #ChloeGoesSummer, you will know that I didn’t just decide to change my entire life from one day to the other. There was a cause that led me to take this decision – a big bang that was the start of it all.

The relationship I had been in since turning 18 fell apart and with it, my entire life. From one day to the other, I didn’t have my home anymore and the person I had built my entire life around was suddenly a stranger. It was as if my little bubble, in which I had been living for the past couple of years, just burst. When it did and I looked around me, I realised I had changed a lot during my time in this bubble – some changes were for the better, but some weren’t.
I had given up on myself a while ago, especially where my physique was concerned, but not only that. I had let myself be miserable and sad for quiet a while now and hadn’t seen a way to make it better.

So I stepped out of the broken pieces that lay on the floor and I decided to change something.

I am proud to say that I have been doing great the past couple of weeks, considering the heartbreak I’ve been going through. I have started to live again. I’ve gone out with friends, visited two music festivals, lost a ton of weight and just started enjoying life again more fully. I had never imagined I would be up on my feet again so soon and I am extremely grateful for the fact that I am.

But then came Wednesday…
It was the day I had to go pick-up the rest of my stuff at our former apartment – something that just screamed disaster. And that it was…I don’t think you need much description if you’ve ever gone through a breakup, so I’ll spare you the nasty details.

Don’t get me wrong, we are on “good speaking terms” – whatever that means when you are heartbroken – and he was nice, but that somehow seemed to make it even worse.

There was this movie with Adam Sandler called “Click” that came out around 10 years ago, where he had a remote control that could control time – don’t worry if you haven’t seen it, it wasn’t that spectacular – but that day, I wished I had that bloody thing. I would have fast forwarded that entire day and maybe the next couple ones as well to get away from these feelings…

Well, what can you say about the day after such an emotional chaos? It was basically a hangover – I felt tired, annoyed and slightly sick to my stomach. No need to drink alcohol to get that type of hangover though…
I was still recovering on Friday, but at least I had one amazing thing to look forward to: a girls night with my lovely friend Meli.

We had an amazing dinner – only veggies, of course – and some awesome girl talk. What else do you need to feel better about life…?

As I was feeling a little sleepy this week – whether this was due to the four day festival experience last weekend or whether it had to do with the detox diet, I’m not sure – I decided to only do endurance training for the entire week. I just couldn’t muster the courage to work on anything else, but spending some time on the static bike or the cross-trainer seemed like an ok alternative.

So, as every other day, I went to The White Rabbit to perform my training and actually enjoyed spending an entire hour on the static bike. It seems like I’ve started seeing this as a kind of time-out for myself, where I can just watch my favorite youtube videos in peace, with no distraction or interruption.

I also downloaded Pokémon Go – just to see what the entire hype is all about, of course. I have to admit that I did it while working out on the stationary bike and the first thing that happened was that a cute little Pokémon appeared on my dashboard. Way to go – capture Pokémon while training! I can understand that people get addicted to it and we’ll see if I get hooked. I honestly hope I won’t, even though I do like me some cute Pokémon, so who knows?!?


If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I have a new apartment, which I am currently moving into. I have finally managed to get most of the furniture and all my belongings have also found their way into my new living quarters. Unfortunately, I have noticed that I own waaay too much stuff. My entire apartment is covered in bags, which contain my prized – and not so prized – possessions. To be blunt, it’s a mess!

So in order to make sure my apartment will be inhabitable at one point, my mom and I started to put away stuff this Sunday. I would be lying if I said it was a pleasure, even though we had a few laughs when I tried some of my old clothes that definitely aren’t my style anymore.

I have decided that this is the moment to thoroughly clear out my closet and get rid of all the things that I haven’t worn in the last couple of years and that have just been collecting dust in the back of my wardrobe. Hence, the entire process is taking much longer than if I was simply moving my things from A to B. I am actually trying EVERYTHING and if it doesn’t fit or suit me anymore, off it goes!

I have started the clear-out process by creating four piles:


I would never throw away clothes if it wasn’t absolutely necessary, hence, the trash pile usually remains very small. I much rather sell, gift or donate my old clothes so that they can benefit another person after me. It seems like the only right thing to do and thinking that the pieces I discard can make someone else happy helps my decision to clean out my closet even more.

Obviously, there will be pieces that won’t fit anymore and I’m happy that it will be because they are too big for once. In the past it mostly was due to the fact they were too small, so this is a welcome change…I’ve honestly started noticing that a few of my pants that I wore not so long ago are now much too big and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

Well, that must mean I need to go shopping again, right?!? 😉

Besides just wanting to get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit anymore, I have also decided to give my wardrobe an update. I am soon turning 28 and I think that my wardrobe should grow up too!
I want a more feminine, grown-up and maybe even a little sexy style, something that fits Chloé 2.0…

So that’s what I will be working on every free minute of my day for the next couple of weeks and maybe I’ll finally be able to move into my apartment and my new life with that very soon…

FITNESS STATUS : This week I felt a bit weak, but I guess that has to do with the change in diet…
CURRENT WEIGHT : 63.8 kg   |   -8.2 kg since #ChloeGoesSummer started – Woop Woop!
CURRENT MOOD : Very happy with the over 8kg I’ve lost so far & ready to continue to work hard!

So that was week 11 and the first week of my 3 week detox cure. I have to say that I am a little bit proud of myself. I didn’t cheat once, I still went to my training on 5 days and I actually ate really delicious dishes throughout the week – a full success! Make sure to check back in with me next week to see if the second week went as smoothly – at least in the food department – as this one did.

Have a lovely day dear!



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