#ChloeGoesSummer – Week 10


Week 10 has been all about debauchery and pure indulgence…

I spent four wonderful days at the Gurten Festival this week, where good food, lovely people, a few drinks and awesome music went hand in hand to create the perfect festival weekend. I’ve indulged and enjoyed and haven’t wasted one minute thinking about calories or minutes on the treadmill and it felt glorious.
If you have been following the #ChloeGoesSummer project over the past couple of weeks, you might think that this seems weird and that it doesn’t really fit inside a challenge that is so health oriented. I can even admit that you are right – partially.
As I had said in the very beginning of this project, this isn’t solely about loosing weight. It is a big part of it – surely – and I am deeply thankful to The White Rabbit for helping me regain my physiological state I have missed so dearly, but I initially set out on a journey to regain my happiness, which is defined by so much more than a simple number on a scale.
So I ate Rösti, I had a couple drinks with my friends and I sang along with Gentleman while dancing like a maniac – ah, the perfect weekend of pure indulgence…
I promise I’ll be good again next week – well, I basically have no choice.
I am starting a detox diet that will be going on for 20 days, where I only eat veggies and fruit – no animal products.
Can you see the panic on my face? – No? – I can assure you it’s there!
I am a “slight” bit nervous about not having any of my beloved animal based products for an entirety of 20 excruciating days and I can’t really envision how it will turn out yet. I’m not sure if I’ll be laughing or crying by the end of next week, but oh well, you’ll get to know if you check back in with me. I’m sure it will be entertaining – for you…not sure about me yet.
But for now, let’s see what this week had in stock…
The first half of the week was mostly spent with work and the preparations for the upcoming Gurten Festival. It was the first time I was going to head to the famous event – a fact I should probably hide, as it is quiet embarrassing to be a 27 year old girl from Bern who has never been to the Gurten Festival before. The anticipation was huge and I had one even bigger problem: What would I wear?!?
All guys are now rolling their eyes and all girls are hopefully nodding in agreement.
You have to understand, it was July and the weather forecast basically told us we were going to Siberia. Ok, maybe not Siberia, but close – I swear!
So I was struggling to find an outfit that would be both – cute and practical – now welcome to my nightmare!
You will probably not believe me, but I ended up wearing my winter coat to the festival and I was actually so glad I did.
My outfit consisted of wellies, my thickest black leggings, a big pullover and my winter jacket. Honestly, Siberia wasn’t that far off…
Oh, and my favorite new accessory: a choker! Yes, I have succumbed to the trend, please don’t hate me. It’s such a nice flashback to my teen years, when these little bands around your neck were trendy the last time…
Here you go, here’s a visual:
Even though I felt like a little eskimo, we ended up being somewhat lucky, as the pouring rain just stopped once we had decided to head up the mountain to get to the concert location.
It was a fun time, although I couldn’t really get hyped about the main act – Muse. Their music was just too hard for my taste and even though others seem to enjoy their performance thoroughly, I just couldn’t get into it. But then again, not everyone can have the same taste…
Friday was one of my favorite days, especially because I got to spend a lot of time with two of my friends from EHL that had also planned on going to the festival.
The weather cleared up enough so that we didn’t have to worry about bringing Noah’s ark with us and the sun even made an appearance to brighten our day. But don’t get me wrong, I was still wearing my wellies and my winter coat – just FYI – it was still very chilly.
One of my absolute highlights was watching Gentleman & Ky Mani Marley with my girls and just dancing along to their enthralling music. They even managed to get the sun out during their concert, which was a real treat!
It has come to my attention that I seemingly have deprived myself of a great experience all these years. How did I not know I should have gone to this festival earlier in my life?!?
Well, we have rectified that incredible overlook and I am very glad about it. Saturday was a lovely day and we could have been reminded that it was July, if there wasn’t that cold as heck evening that followed the lovely day. But no matter what, we had a blast!
If you’re not from around Bern and you’ve never actually heard of the Gurten Festival, there is something you need to know. The festival area is located on the “home mountain” of Bern and in order to reach that wonderful location, you need to either walk uphill for 40 minutes or queue for an eternity to take the shuttle.
I was lucky enough to travel to the festival with people just as lazy as I am from Thursday to Saturday, but on Sunday, my luck was about to change.
I had embarked on the journey with two of my dearest friends – who, by the way, are super sporty – and they suggested we would walk up the hill. As I didn’t want to be the party pooper, I agreed.
Now you need to know another few things: 1) Sunday was the only hot day, with temperatures up to 28°C. 2) I have a form of exercise-induced asthma and 3) that hill is freaking huge!
So you can imagine how that went…
Besides this little “adventure”, there is really only one thing I can say about that day: Sunday Funday!
The music acts were fantastic, the weather was phenomenal, I was surrounded by wonderful people and life just felt right.
This is why I’ve taken these few days off and why I have allowed myself to indulge in this experience. I wanted the real deal and I am happy I got it.
From Monday on, I will go back to watching what I eat and to training like a little Duracell bunny and I’m certain this weekend will show on the scale, but I don’t care, because it was just what I needed!
This week’s collage is much bigger than usual. I just couldn’t break down the selection and I honestly didn’t want to either. These are the moments and people that made this weekend special and they should all be on here. And there are even still some that didn’t make it onto the pictures, but they were there nevertheless. Thank you all for making this such an awesome experience!
Oh and by the way, did you see our failed attempt at making a peace sign with our hands? Kinda pathetic, I know. That’s what happens when you try to be all Pinterest at a festival and fail miserably, but we tried and we had a good laugh, so were still kinda #winning! 😉


FITNESS STATUS : Well, I didn’t do much the last couple of days, so I would say: mediocre.
CURRENT WEIGHT : 66 kg   |   +1.4 kg from last week – Ouch!

CURRENT MOOD : I knew this week of debauchery would cost me and it was a risk I took willingly. But now I better get back on track!



Week 10 was all about enjoying my time at the Gurten Festival. No training, no meal plan, no pressure – just a week of debauchery. It has been great and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but now it’s time to tackle week 11 and the detox diet that awaits.
Check back in with me next week to know how week one of the detox has been going.
Have a lovely day dear!



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