#ChloeGoesSummer – London is calling – Or not

London is calling and when that happens, you don’t say no…but the french air control services might…

If you have been following my #ChloeGoesSummer project, you know that this isn’t just about fitness, but also about becoming happy again. Now it’s time to do what’s best for me – and only me.


After having had a rather turbulent past few weeks, I decided that I needed a little break – some time to be in a place I love, with people I adore and doing things that put a smile on my face. I’ve already had one week of vacation in the south of France and now I am adding a long weekend in London, -because why not?!?
I absolutely adore London. It’s one of the cities I could envision living in and I am always super excited when I get to spend a few days there. Some of my very good friends from uni are living in this wonderful place and visiting them always entails a lot of fun evenings full of conversations and laughter.
So right now, I am on my way to the airport to fly off to this city I love – *startslittlehappydance*
As I will be staying until Monday, I won’t have access to my blog to post my weekly update on Sunday, therefore, I will most probably only be back with this week’s update on Tuesday, but I hope you’ll be understanding.
This weekend is a part of my #ChloeGoesSummer project – something I do for me and to simply have a wonderful time. I want to remind myself that there is still so much to do and to experience – even if you are suddenly alone – and that being happy isn’t linked to one person, but to yourself.
Wow, this got cheesy fast…Well, see ya mate and don’t forget to do something for YOU too! 😉
UPDATE – Thursday 23rd 21.00:
So you know how happy I was to be heading to this wonderful, lovely city and to see all my friends and to have such a good time that it would knock off my socks? Well, apparently the french air control services thought I didn’t have enough crap on my plate already. They thought it would be fun to go on strike today and when they go on strike, they go big!
Not only was I told that my initial flight from Basel was cancelled once I arrived there – of course I hadn’t received a warning email, because that would be too much to ask – the train I had to take from Basel to Zurich, where my replacement flight was supposed to leave, was approximately 40°C hot and there were no available seats. So I was sitting on the floor for more than one hour and sweating like I was in a sauna.
Once I arrived in Zurich and checked the easyjet app again, my flight was pushed from 21.30 to 23.35, which already would have been a huge inconvenience, as the last Gatwick Express leaves at 00.15 – a time I would never be able to make. As I was starting to panic – actually, scrap that – when I was in a full-on nervous breakdown, I asked one of my besties to meet me for a drink in Zurich as she conveniently was just getting off work.
As we were sitting down in a café, I decided to check the easyjet app again – you know, just to be sure – and there it was, the big, fat news I didn’t want to accept: Flight cancelled! The second one in one day, may I add.
Of course, I called easyjet right away and am now scheduled to leave Zurich tomorrow evening 21.30. I don’t believe that it’s actually going to happen yet, because – let’s face it – when the french go on strike, they do it right. They seem to have a lot of practice and it rarely only lasts one day. But I have decided to get into my optimist head space – something that is also part of becoming Chloé 2.0 – and I won’t give up hope yet. Maybe I’ll be sipping cocktails with my girls in a hip London bar tomorrow – who knows?
So here I am, back home in Bern and hoping that tomorrow at this time, I’ll be sitting in that plane, ready to head to London. Until then, please keep your fingers crossed for me, I really want and need this weekend!
Have a lovely day dear!

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