Burgundy & Mustard

Burgundy & Mustard – An unusual color combination, but one I am quite fond of as of now.

Scarf, Necklace & Shirt : H&M | Belt, Bag & Shoes : Vintage | Black Jeans : Only | Bracelets : De Marquet

I have to admit that one of my favorite things to do when putting together outfits is to color-match my accessories. Somehow, it brings me joy and contentment, which admittedly sounds pretty lame, but I really do enjoy it. I won’t lie to you and pretend like I manage to do this every day – far from it – but when I do, it definitely makes me feel a special kind of put together. If on top of that, I had enough time and energy to do my hair and makeup that day – the world better watch out, ’cause I’m ready to conquer it! 😉

I found the bag and shoes on a thrift market in the South of France a while back and I’ve had this H&M scarf forever. When I saw that they matched so perfectly, I had one of these little happy moments that can only come from finding a perfect accessory combination.


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