A makeover with Posterlounge

I have one room in my apartment I call “my studio”, even though it’s basically just my office and the place my wardrobe stands. I call it my studio because I also happen to sometimes shoot pictures or videos for social media in there. Initially, when I moved in four years ago, I wanted to film youtube videos in there as well. This has unfortunately been put on the back-burner a bit, but who knows, maybe I’ll get around to it eventually.

It is quite a big room – the biggest one in my apartment actually – and I never quite knew how to furnish it. As I photograph things in there, I need a lot of room to move around and hence I couldn’t possibly put furniture in the middle of the room. I also wanted to keep one wall rather “clean” as to not interfere with any photo ideas I had. However, this wall just always remained a bit “naked”. It had no pictures on it and even the furniture I placed in front of it just didn’t feel quite right.

I am aware that this is a bit of a contradiction, wanting to have a clean wall but not wanting it to be naked either, but you know how it is, you want to have your cake and eat it too – or for my Swiss readers you want “z füfi und z weggli”. 😉

I was trying to find a solution for a long time, when suddenly, a few weeks ago, Posterlounge, a webshop that offers beautiful prints, got in touch with me for a potential cooperation. They suggested I could redecorate a space in my apartment by using their prints and I – of course – immediately thought of my dreaded “naked” wall.

Once all the details were sorted out, I headed to the Posterlounge website and started to look for prints that would match my apartment. I also found their own instagram account super helpful, as they have a lot of beautiful living spaces showing possible arrangements of prints.

Just to be completely transparent – as I always try to be – Posterlounge gifted me the prints you see on these pictures, but they did not pay for this post. Just as a little FYI.

I knew I wanted prints that wouldn’t be too loud or colorful, as I still plan on photographing things for my social media channels in front of this wall and I knew, muted or even black&white prints would be more suitable for this.

I had a little catalog of criteria for the prints I wanted to get, which included the following:
– Colors: black&white / light pink / maybe pastel colors
– Style: minimal / geometric / feminine
– Motives: line-art / botanical / women / maybe a quote

So I went on the hunt for my perfect prints, which was super easy thanks to Posterlounge’s categorization, where you can sort all their prints according to different criteria.

Here is what I chose:
1. “Shell” – Image No. 707623
2. “Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll Quote” – Image No. 715598
3. “Julie” – Image No. 708518
4. “Female Nude” – Image No. 700108
5. “Full Moon” – Image No. 486990

The first one I chose was the “Female Nude”.
When I started looking for prints, I knew I wanted one that represented women. I am a big believer of girl power and see myself as a modern day feminist, so having a strong female body represented on my wall was a given. I have also been loving line-art lately and this print immediately caught my attention while scrolling through Posterlounge’s selection.
It’s not a typical “feminist pose”, but I love how delicate and yet strong the silhouette of this female body looks.
She’s strong enough to be in the nude, turning her back and yet, she isn’t small or weak. I just loved this simple print.

I then found the “Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll Quote” and knew immediately that I had to get this one. It’s my favorite quote and it always reminds me of my friends from uni.
Please don’t take this the wrong way, I know it says “mad, bonkers, completely off your head” – which, on first glance doesn’t seem like much of a compliment, but hear me out: What it actually says is that you are special and different and wonderful.
This always reminds me that being yourself – unapologetically yourself – is the best thing you can do and that it’s ok to be different, because all the best people are.
I always think of my uni friends when I read this because we are a crazy bunch. We go on adventures together and laugh so much that I actually risk pulling a muscle in my stomach sometimes and this just because we are all mad, bonkers, completely off our heads.

Once I had these two pictures I knew I was going for a full-on black&white, line-art, minimal design and hence found the “Shell” and “Julie” that just worked with my other two prints perfectly.

I actually took a photo of my wall and inserted screenshots of the different designs with the help of Photoshop to know what would go where – yes, I am that kind of nerd.
I knew I wanted one bigger picture – which obviously had to be the “Female Nude” and a few smaller ones. So I inserted them into Photoshop, arranged them in a way I liked and then went to my wall with a measuring tape to figure out what size would fit the best.

This is how this looked:

I have to say that I am so happy with how it turned out and I am very glad my studio now has a picture-perfect wall!

If you have been keeping track you will notice that there is one picture missing. I fell in love with the “Full Moon” print last minute and this one will get a special placement somewhere else in my apartment, as it doesn’t quite fit the theme I had going on for my lovely studio wall, but I just couldn’t leave it behind, it was too beautiful…

All my prints are aluminium prints, by the way.
I chose them because they give the pictures a satin finish and a slight glow. They are also super slim and light looking, which matched my aesthetic perfectly.
Posterlounge offers so many different prints and materials, such as wood or acrylic glass, so if you are on the hunt for new prints, make sure to check out their selection.

I just wanted to say thank you to Posterlounge for gifting me these wonderful prints and for making my studio so much more beautiful!

If you are interested in upgrading your home, Posterlounge ships Europe-wide and they have a beautiful print selection that I can only recommend checking out!

The prints shown in this post were kindly gifted by Posterlounge.