2020 : A new decade awaits

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Happy New Year!

I wanted to write a post called “2020: New Year, New Me?” but I honestly just couldn’t figure out how to approach it. I had a few witty sentences written down, such as: “New Year, New Me. A sentence many of us have uttered in the past and a sentiment that nevertheless has lasted for about 5 seconds from the moment midnight struck on December 31st for most of us…” But it all just didn’t feel right and I couldn’t get to a consensus of what I actually wanted to write about. Was I going down the slightly romantic route of a person that believes in the power of affirmations, new years resolutions and positive thoughts to get the best out of a new year? Or was I going to be a realist that thinks this whole new years stuff is just humbug? I honestly couldn’t quite make up my mind…

I saw a meme today that said that we are as far away from 2050 as we are from 1990 now and this honestly blew my mind. Not because of the math – I get that this is mathematically correct, thank you very much – but because 2050 seems like a very distant future to me, where we live amongst aliens, wear funky space suits and fly our car to work. (I have obviously seen way too many futuristic movies…)

It feels weird that we will soon refer to this era as the 20s and we won’t mean a time full of flapper girls, speakeasies and gangsters – even though, we might still talk about gangsters in some way…hello politics! – And while considering the state our planet, our economy and our politics are in might lead you to believe that the world is in a bit of a pickle, I am still optimistic for this year. This might be a case of blind optimism, but I am excited for 2o20 and I am hopeful that it will be a great year. Don’t get me wrong, we won’t solve all major issues on a world wide scale, because this is simply put impossible, but I still believe many great things are gonna happen.

Personally, I am looking forward to a year full of new experiences, inspiring encounters and fun travels. And even though I am not a 100% convinced that new years resolutions are the way to go, I am still setting a few goals for myself and my 2020:

  • Capture great moments with a camera, but don’t live life through a screen
  • Focus on growing and evolving, but also appreciate what you have accomplished so far
  • Be thankful for everything life throws your way, because everything happens for a reason
  • Create your own path.

I am aware that these might sound a bit “mushy” and maybe you are rolling your eyes at them right now, but I have chosen them very specifically. I don’t need a list that tells me to loose 5kg, to save more money or to read a book, because I know that. I can remember that by myself. What I need a list of is things I often forget when I am in my daily rut and running in the hamster wheel. A literal slap in the face when I feel sorry for myself (for no reason) and a positive little nudge for when I need to get back on track. So hence, the mushy list…

Before we now all whip out the tissues, I am going to wish you a wonderful day and a fantastic 2020!

xoxo (because Gossip Girl still rules)